Emily in Paris: the new series from the creator of Sex and the City

Darren Star, screenwriter and producer of Beverly Hills 90210, Melrose Place and Sex and The City, is coming back with a new TV series

Emily is a woman who, driven by a job opportunity, decides to move from the United States to Paris, the romantic city par excellence, but also a metropolis full of novelties and challenges to face. This is how the new TV series Emily in Paris begins, which we will soon see on Netflix.

The creator is a guarantee for lovers of the genre: we speak of Darren Star, writer and producer of many successful shows, from Beverly Hills 90210 to Melrose Place, up to the iconic Sex and The City. He just seems to have a unique calling for the French city, where he has already set so many shows. The lead actress is Lily Collins, who plays a talented young woman in the marketing industry, who arrives in the new metropolis with a suitcase full of dreams, plans and a desire to prove herself. There is no shortage of references to the world of fashion, just like in the series starring Sarah Jessica Parker.

Synopsis of Emily in Paris: what it's about

The announcement of the TV series was made by Lily Collins herself, who informed fans of her new leading role more than a year ago. For the first time, she will not only play the main character, but also participate in the production. The distribution of the show, after a long period of negotiations, was grabbed by Netflix.

The TV series, as anticipated, revolves around the character of Emily, a young marketing director of a large American company. At the beginning of the series she decides to move from Chicago to Paris, the city she has always dreamed of visiting. Unlike Sex and the City and other similar series, Emily in Paris gives a lot of space to the comparison between American and European culture. In fact, the protagonist will find herself discovering a new point of view and adapting to a way of life to which she is absolutely not accustomed. This peculiarity makes the series suitable for a more adult audience.

Of course there will be clear references to fashion, especially the French one, love dramas and especially friendship. In fact, Emily will meet new people who will enrich her life and make her heart beat faster.

Darren Star, the creator of the TV series, announced the arrival of the show this way, promising the audience a high quality product: "I have always been fascinated by the experience of living abroad and I can't think of anyone who could bring this wonderful world to life in a better way than Lily Collins."

Emily in Paris: cast and characters

In addition to Lily Collins in the title role, we'll also find Ashley Park in the cast, who will play Mindy an au pair who quickly becomes Emily's friend. There will then be Philippine Leroy Beaulieu, Lucas Bravo, Samuel Arnold, Camille Razat and Bruno Gouery.

Among the most familiar faces stands out Kate Walsh, who we have already seen in another very successful series: The Umbrella Academy. She plays a colleague, who will help Emily to disentangle herself in the Parisian working world.

Emily in Paris on Netflix: when it comes out

The first season of the TV series will consist of 10 episodes of about 30 minutes each. We will be able to see it on Netflix starting from October 2, 2020.

The preview with the trailer is already available on the streaming platform, just look for the title in the search bar or among the upcoming releases. To watch the series then you need to subscribe to the service and log in with your credentials to the app from any enabled device.