Sex and the city: incredible new entry in the cast

The revival of Sex and the city is coming, but with a different name and especially an exceptional new entry: who will be in And Just Like That

The moment that all the fans (and fans) of Sex and the city have been waiting for is here. Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda will return to the streets of their New York. Accompanying them in this revival, however, there will not be Samantha but a new entry: Sara Ramirez, the actress of Dr. Torres in Grey's Anatomy.

The title chosen for the new series set in New York is And Just Like That and filming will begin during the summer. A story that will always talk about friendship and love, specifically addressing the evolution of relationships when you get to 50 years and the everyday is shaken by a global pandemic. As always, Carrie will be the spokesperson for her generation, facing everyday life just like one of her fans. The farewell of Samantha will definitely weigh in, but the writers assure that there will be an explanation. The entry of Sara Ramirez, however, will allow to broaden the horizons and create a product that is more inclusive and in line with our days.

Revival Sex and the City: who are the protagonists

Those who love the series can certainly not have forgotten Carrie Bradshow (Sarah Jessica Parker) as she writes her editorials and faces life in New York with her friends: the lawyer Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) and the sweet Charlotte (Kristin Davis). A big absence will be that of Samantha, the unscrupulous and self-confident friend, who was played by Kim Cattrall, who would have said no to the revival because of bad relations with the other protagonists.

In her place in the revival of Sex and the City, however, there will be a new entry: Sara Ramirez. The actress comes from another very successful television series: she was Dr. Cally Torres on Grey's Anatomy. It's a way to make the series more inclusive, as the writers have announced that they have added six new characters, including three non-white women.

Sex and the City revival: the role of Sara Ramirez

Sara Ramirez is preparing to play a queer, non-binary, stand-up comedian character who makes podcasts: Che Diez. The official description of Sara's character has already been released by HBO Max, which organized the revival, and the site reads, "Che is a great presence with a big heart, an outrageous sense of humor and a progressive view of gender roles. All things that have made her character and the podcast very popular."

Michael Patricl King, showrunner and producer of the new series, commented on Sara's addition this way, "The entire crew of And Just Like thrilled that a talented performer like Sara Ramirez has joined the Sex and the City family. Sara is a unique talent, comfortable with both comedy and drama, and we are thrilled and inspired to create this new character for the series."

So we just have to wait until filming begins in the summer of 2021 in New York City to discover the new adventures of the Sex and the City friends, with an incredible new addition to the cast.