Sex and the city: here’s when the sequel arrives

After years of waiting, the sequel to Sex and the city is finally coming: when and where to see And Just Like That with Sara Jessica Parker

Four best friends and a city like New York as a backdrop to love, friendship and disappointments: real life every day. This is the formula that has made Sex and the City a cult and successful television series, following the adventures of Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte.

After years of fan requests, actress Sarah Jessica Parker returns to the role of journalist and writer Carrie Bradshaw in the sequel And Just Like That, produced by HBO Max. The announcement of the yes to the sequel came in January 2021 and shortly thereafter began filming, which sees alongside Parker actresses Kristin Davis (Charlotte) and Cynthia Nixon (Miranda). Great absent Kim Cattrall, famous interpreter of Samantha. The setting is always New York, but the protagonists are faced with love and friendship in their 50s, raising children, and dealing with a pandemic. Among the new leads is an exceptional name: Sara Ramirez, Dr. Torres from Grey's Anatomy, with a character queer, non-binary and stand-up comedian.

Sex and the city sequel: the plot

And Just Like That is the official sequel to Sex and the city, which once again sees Carrie Bradshaw and friends Charlotte and Miranda facing the challenges of everyday life between work, love, friendship and family in their New York City. If life and friendship at 30 years seemed complicated to them, at 50 years you have to deal with even greater responsibilities and all this while a pandemic rages in the world. A daily routine increasingly complicated to manage, but can count on something really valuable: the support of a group of true friends.

And Just Like That: the cast

In the role of Carrie Bradshaw could only be Sarah Jessica Parker, as well as confirmed is the presence of Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon. For Samantha's fans, the disappointment will be great: Kim Cattrall has decided that she will not take part in the sequel. In the cast was also back Willie Garson, interpreter of Stanford Blatch, sympathetic and iconic gay friend of Carrie: the actor died on September 21 of pancreatic cancer and was 57 years.

Among the familiar faces are Chris Noth, interpreter of Mr. Big, Mario Cantone, David Eigenberg and Evan Handler. Newcomers to the cast, on the other hand, are Sara Ramirez, with a non-binary character, Nicole Ari Parker, Karen Pittman and Sarita Choudhury. Also Miranda and Charlotte's children will have new interpreters.

And Just Like That: when it arrives

The HBO Max that produces the sequel And Just Like That of the successful series has announced that the new episodes will arrive by the end of 2021 in the United States: episodes are expected for December.

In Italy, the TV series will be aired on Sky and streamed on NOW Tv, but it's not yet clear whether it will arrive at the same time as the US or later, in early 2022.