Facebook changes privacy settings again

From today, changing privacy settings on Facebook is easier: Zuckemberg's social network has in fact changed the user interface through which to find every detail.

Facebook's privacy settings have been updated. With the new purpose-built layout, the social network revolutionizes the layout and names of individual commands to facilitate operations for members who want to change the way their data is managed by the platform and related apps, making the process easier and more immediate.

The change, as reported in a note in the official blog, is part of the measures that aim to completely improve the user experience while browsing Facebook. "Whether it's managing the ads people see, adjusting sharing settings or curating an audience for posts, you shouldn't have to think too hard about where to start," reads the statement introducing the recent round of updates. The new features don't end there, since they actually touch the dedicated search, so as to significantly shorten the time dedicated to the identification of items that may escape the gaze of the most attentive user. In essence, however, at the moment the privacy policy of Facebook does not change.

Facebook, how settings change

With the introduction of more specific and descriptive labels, Facebook modifies the previous visualization optimizing the interaction with the controls. Broken down into six different macro-categories, each assigned to a particular area, the items become easier to locate, leaving in the past the downtime needed to fish around for each individual control.

Research on the topic by the company has prompted the use of mental models used by people to achieve certain settings. For this reason, the newly created areas have been named Account, Preferences, Public and Visibility, Permissions, Your Information and Community Standards and Legal; clear and intelligible names that immediately suggest the central topic of the section.

The settings for the news feed also change place, first in a separate submenu and now grouped under Preferences, side by side with its peers. It becomes more visible and easy to intercept the so-called "privacy check", that is a guided path through the most important settings on privacy and security. Now it can be reached from the "Settings" item, present in the "Settings and privacy" menu, positioned in a box that highlights its presence at a glance.

Facebook, when the new settings arrive

The latest versions of Facebook privacy settings are already available for members of the social network, even in Italy. To view them, simply access them via app using devices with Android or iOS operating systems, via browser in mobile mode and with Facebook Lite, the lighter application that reduces the traditional features, facilitating browsing on less powerful devices and in situations of slow connectivity.