Facebook, deleted profiles hoax. What’s happening

For a few days a single post has been terrorizing the admins of dozens of groups, who could lose all their members in a few hours. Will it be true?

That hoaxes have been circulating uncontrolled for some time on Facebook, WhatsApp (which has recently introduced a new anti-bully feature), Twitter and all other social networks is nothing new at all. The latest example of this kind comes from Facebook, where hundreds and hundreds of users have been caught off guard by a surprise announcement: Facebook is about to delete all inactive profiles. In particular, the news would concern the managers of Facebook groups that, in a few days, would have risked losing most of their members: according to a hoax circulated in recent days, all inactive accounts on the group would be deleted from the group itself in a few hours. To prevent this from happening, it was necessary to write a comment under the post.

What's true about the hoax of deleted profiles

A funeral news, for all those who manage large groups and who, within a few hours, could have lost half (or even more) of their members. Obviously, it is a hoax, even if in this case there is a fund of truth. In the days preceding the publication of the incriminated post, in fact, the admins had received an email from the social platform informing them of a change in the mode of invitation to groups. In the past, in fact, adding new members to a group was very simple: the administrator was able to insert all their friends list without them having to accept any invitation and without them receiving any change. With the update announced by the email, instead, all invitees will be able to accept or refuse to join the group, thus avoiding ending up in groups they ignore. In short, a simple misunderstanding that, however, has made dozens and dozens of admins sweat cold.