Facebook emoticons: which character combinations to use

To use smilies on Facebook chat, posts or comments you have to know the right character combinations: from the simple smile to the poop.

Do you know how to make a happy face, one that sends a kiss or a sad one with the characters of your keyboard when you use Facebook? In this guide, we're going to explain just the combinations of characters you can use to create Facebook emoticons while you're chatting with someone. Facebook emoticons, in fact, can be made by combining different characters together.

Classic Facebook Smilies: Character Combinations

Let's start with Facebook Smilies that can be made with simple character combinations. For example, to create a smiley face, just type a colon and an open bracket. Insomma, niente di complicato.

Ecco l’elenco dei caratteri da usare per ottenere le Emoticon Facebook:

  • ? faccina sorridente;
  • ? faccina che fa la linguaccia;
  • ? faccina che ride;
  • 3:) diavoletto sorridente;
  • O:) angioletto sorridente;
  • ^_^ faccina sorridente con gli occhi chiusi;
  • ? faccina che fa l’occhiolino;
  • ? oppure B-) faccina con occhiali da sole;
  • 8| oppure B| faccina sorridente con gli occhiali da sole;
  • >:( faccina arrabbiata;
  • :* faccina che manda un bacio;
  • ? faccina imbronciata;
  • :O faccina preoccupata;
  • :/ faccina contrariata;
  • :’( faccina che piange;
  • <3 cuore;
  • o.O oppure O.o faccina sorpresa;
  • >:O faccina arrabbiata e sorpresa;
  • :v Pac-Man;
  • :3 faccina inorridita;
  • (y) mi piace;
  • (^^^) squalo;
  • <(") pinguino;
  • :poop: cacchina.

How to make more advanced Facebook smilies

Now let's talk about the most modern Fb smilies, namely emoji. You can safely use them in chats, posts and comments. But keep in mind that they are easier to use on smartphones and tablets, rather than on computers. Let's see now how to use them, depending on the different devices. If you have an Android device, just go to the Google Play Store and download Kika Emoji Keyboard Pro + GIF, which is free.

If, however, you have an Apple device, go to the Settings section of iOS, select the General item, tap first on Keyboard and then on Keyboards from the menu that opens. Then tap on Add new keyboard and finally on Emoji. On the other hand, using emoji from PC is more complicated, as the official support is only available with the latest versions of Windows and OS X.

Custom Facebook Smilies

To make your messages even more original, you can also create custom Facebook faces. For example, if you want to use the photo you have on your profile as an emoticon, just enter the username you have set for your profile and write it in the chat like this: https://www.facebook.com/username. That way, you will have your own personalized emoticon.

Now that you know what character combinations to use to create Facebook Emoticons, you can communicate with all your friends and express your feelings and emotions with different emoticons. We wish you fun and greet you of course with a Facebook Emoticon, the smiley face one ?