Facebook is about to launch its podcast platform: how it works

As widely expected already for a few weeks, the first podcast platform made in Facebook is about to arrive: here are its features.


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Now the Facebook podcast platform is just a few days away. The date to mark on the calendar is next week, when the social network will expand the services already available to members with a space dedicated to the episodes of the shows, so as not to miss a single listen.

As confirmed by The Verge, Mark Zuckerberg's social has already taken steps to send the first emails to creators to make them aware of the main features integrated into the page that will host this content in audio format, loved by listeners and companies. Some rumors about this particular feature had already started to leak out last April, but only now, just a short time after the launch of paid subscriptions provided by Apple Podcasts, Facebook wanted to confirm the project and the imminent arrival on the computers and mobile devices of its users.

Facebook Podcasts, how it works

Starting next Tuesday, Facebook will open the doors of its service allowing members of the site to share their favorite podcasts with followers. To do so, the technical team has developed a new tab, called just "Podcasts" to be inserted in the pages and clearly direct listeners and fans to the section. Everything will be done directly through the social and not through an external source or player.

Like what already happens on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and other similar platforms, anyone can add an RSS feed to Facebook to allow files to be uploaded. After receiving approval from the social network, it will be possible to view new episodes automatically, without any effort, in the specially created tab. Moreover, the manager will be able to remove episodes from the publication completely or at any time.

The last feature, is the one called "Clip". This is the possibility for the creators to publish short clips from the series, so as to increase interest and invite listeners to connect to the page.

Facebook Podcasts, when they arrive (and what the social will do)

To be able to start using Facebook Podcasts will have to wait until June 22, when the function will become active. In the meantime, some creators have already started to rumble about a detail that has not gone unnoticed by the most attentive eyes.

In fact, in the terms of service, it is specified that, once uploaded, podcasts give Facebook the right to make "derivative works" from the originals. Although no further details have been provided on the matter, many have tried to understand the possible references of the clause, but have not found any useful information about it. To know more, it will be essential to wait for the next few days.