Facebook Marketplace, the online flea market arrives in Italy

After testing in the United States and other English-speaking countries, the social flea marketplace also lands in Europe, including Italy

After testing in the United States, Australia, Canada, Chile, Mexico, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, Facebook has decided to expand the Marketplace service in Europe, opening its online flea market in Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland and 15 other countries of the Old Continent.

Inaugurated in October 2016, Facebook Marketplace immediately caught the attentions of hundreds of thousands of users, interested in taking advantage of their bulletin board to sell used items of all kinds online. Of course, the beginnings were not the easiest (due to an error in the setting of automatic filters, more than a few users exploited the social platform for illicit trafficking of drugs and weapons), but the technicians of the social network have immediately corrected the pitch, favoring buying and selling between users. In about 10 months of "activity", in the United States alone, more than 16 million objects have been put up for sale.

How Facebook Marketplace works

To be able to sell used objects online on Facebook Marketplace, you first need to be registered with the social network. Currently accessible from iOS apps (compatible with iPhone 5 or higher), Android smartphones and from PC via browser, the flea marketplace offers several services to its users. In addition to being able to create listings quickly and easily (if you're using a smartphone, for example, you can create them by taking photos directly from the device's camera), it allows you to compare prices for similar products in your vicinity, so you can choose a price appropriate to the "market" price.

From the Marketplace section, moreover, you can manage your listings quickly and easily: in addition to evaluating the various offers and getting in touch with buyers, you can report as sold items already sold. In short, an intuitive and easy to use tool, which will try to gnaw market share to the major players in the industry (the various eBay, Subito and Kijiji) being able to count on a user base of several tens of millions of users.