Facebook Lite also arrives in Italy, but for now only for Android

The light version of the social also lands in our country after the great success in the rest of the world, goodbye to constant loading and high data consumption

Facebook Lite, the light version of the most famous social in the world, has also arrived in Italy. It is exactly the same app only lighter. This is useful for reducing data consumption and surfing even with poor connection. At the moment it is only available for Android.

Facebook Lite is an application launched in June 2015 precisely to meet the needs of users in developing countries. Specifically all those nations where Internet connections are still unstable and of low quality. In one year, Facebook's "light" app has increased its revenues by 52%. Monthly users, in March 2016, exceeded 100 million for the first time. And in 2017, the figure doubled with 200 million monthly users. Facebook Lite, given its great success, is in continuous expansion. After Spain and Portugal now it is the turn of Israel, UAE, South Korea and especially Italy.

Light version is the success of Facebook

Facebook Lite is one of the big reasons for the current success of Facebook, compared also to other social, in some particular developing countries with problems in the speed and quality of the Internet connection. The application is practically the same as the original even though it lacks the function for live videos (Facebook Live). Facebook, once again ahead of other competitors, has made the right move. Rather than waiting for the infrastructure to grow, it has implemented solutions to establish itself in markets where it was not yet known and where it has very little competition.