Flash Player goodbye: disappears also from Edge and Internet Explorer

Flash Player technology disappears also from Edge and Internet Explorer browsers: Microsoft's farewell within a few months

As of December 31, 2020, Flash Player technology will be abandoned and Adobe will no longer provide security support. Microsoft is thus aligning itself with the company's decisions and is preparing to make Flash Player disappear from its Edge and Internet Explorer browsers as well.

The process of divesting Flash Player technology, which has revolutionized the online world and the use of multimedia content and its reproduction, marks the end of an era. With the advent of the HTML5 standard, which allows for the same results as Flash Player, Adobe has decided to stop investing in the development of security patches. For this reason, the technology becomes a vulnerability that can be exploited by hackers and viruses and for those who still use it, like Microsoft in its two browsers, there's nothing left to do but adapt and say goodbye.

Flash Player disappears from Edge and Internet Explorer

The disappearance of Flash Player affects the Edge browser, whose new edition is based on Chromium, Internet Explorer 11 and the Windows 10 operating system. A forced choice that of Microsoft after the announcement of support for Flash in Chromium from January 1, 2021. By the end of the year then Microsoft will stop support for both versions of Edge and Internet Explorer 11, and then remove all APIs, group policies and user interface from its browsers by the summer.

Flash Player, the reason for the farewell

The choice of Adobe to stop security support for Flash Player technology comes with the introduction of HTML 5, which allows you to achieve the same results and is constantly improving. To date, building a website with Flash Player compared to the HTML 5 standard offers no advantage, which is why the technology is considered obsolete. Adobe itself admitted, "Open standards such as HTML 5, WebGL, and WebAssembly have continuously improved over the years and are credible alternatives to Flash content."

For this reason, Adobe chose to stop investing money in Flash Player and as of 2017 began the path to decommission it. The lack of security support from Adobe's developers means that Flash Player is more prone to hacker attacks, and Microsoft was left with nothing to do but remove it from Edge, Internet Explorer and Windows 10 as well.