Fortnite doesn’t work on iOS 13: what’s happening

Users who have installed the beta version of iOS 13 have encountered problems playing Fortnite: here's what's happening

Presented at the last WWDC 2019, Apple's new operating system iOS 13 will arrive next fall and will bring important changes to the user interface along with brand new applications, some of which will be linked to the new online services that the Cupertino-based company is preparing to launch. Since June 24 you can download online the beta version of iOS 13 to use it in preview, but beware, we are always in the presence of a software not yet final and install it on the Cupertino's smartphones of the bitten apple can involve a number of risks especially related to the stability of the operating system.

And that's what is happening to Fortnite users who have installed the beta of iOS 13 on the iPhone. We don't know the cause of the problem, but by installing the new version of the OS playing Fortnite becomes a real nightmare. Continuous crashes, difficulties in moving your character and managing the games in the best way. For this reason, Fortnite developers have advised users not to install iOS 13 if they want to continue playing without problems.

Fortnite problems on iOS 13

Many users who have downloaded the upgrade of the new operating system iOS 13, have immediately found a problem with Fortnite Fortnite. The news has been confirmed by those directly concerned, namely the developers of Epic Games. The developers of the software house, through a post published on Twitter, have advised all Fortnite users not to install the beta version of iOS 13 if they plan to continue playing. The causes of the malfunction have not yet been disclosed, the developers only talk about system stability issues for which they suggest not to install the iOS 13 beta version as the game may not work properly.

Fortnite: update for iOS?

Of course, being a beta, it is normal to experience problems while running the game. This reason could push the most hardened gamers, and not only, to stop downloading the software upgrade for the mobile OS. It remains to be seen if the stability issues encountered by players and confirmed by Epic Games developers will be resolved through an update released by Fortnite itself or by an upcoming and imminent iOS 13 beta update.