Fortnite down on July 4, what’s going on

Since the early afternoon of July 4, Italian Fortnite players can't connect to the servers of the famous video game. Here's what we know so far

On the web is a unique lament: for several hours, in fact, thousands of Italian gamers passionate about Fortnite can not access the servers of Epic Game, software hosue that conceived and realized the very successful title. Since the early afternoon of July 4 for thousands of them is impossible to play with one of the video game of the moment, capable of generating hundreds of millions of dollars in profits.

The first complaints have arrived at 14:30, but it is from 16:00 that the industry portals, such as Down Detector, have begun to record a multitude of reports. In the vast majority of cases, gamers complain about the inability to access the servers and log in: a problem far from minor, since it is necessary to be connected to Epic servers to challenge other fans from all over the world. In short, Fortnite does not work on July 4 and nothing suggests that the problem can be solved soon.

Fortnite does not work on July 4, what we know so far

To read the comments of many users posted on Twitter and on industry portals, it turns out that while covering all major Italian cities (and even Spain), only Vodafone customers can not play Fortnite. In short, it seems that the problem does not concern the Epic Game servers. Or, at least, it does not concern only the servers: since this afternoon, most likely, it must have created an incompatibility between the technical infrastructure of the British telephone operator and Fortnite servers, preventing users from accessing and logging in.

At the moment, despite the pressure and the complaints arrived as much to the developers of Fortnite as to Vodafone switchboards, it seems that the problem can not be solved. At least not in the short term. In short, if you planned a long night on Fortnite, it is better to find a viable alternative.