From filters to anonymous administrators: Telegram changes everything

More privacy, more convenience and more fun content: there are really a lot of new features introduced by Telegram in the latest update of the app for Android and iOS

Telegram inaugurates the month of October by launching an update of the app dedicated to messaging with great news for its users. From filters to anonymous administrators, all the way to new animations and moving emoticons, there are many features in version 7.1.1 of the app that promise a better user experience.

The announcement of the new features, made by Telegram itself with a post on its official blog, in fact promises a lot to the millions of users who use the app daily for communications of all kinds, from those between individual users to groups and broadcast channels. While waiting for the feature that will allow for group video calls, scheduled for later this year after the August introduction of video calls between two users, Telegram continues to add small and large details to an app that over time has managed to hijack the attention of users of other big name messaging clients on smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and the web. One of these new features, then, is focused on what has been Telegram's strongest feature from the start: managing privacy and security of data and users.

Telegram: how search filters change

The new version of the app allows you to search, in a completely dedicated screen, for shared media, files, links and more in all chats in memory. Attachments can be searched by category or by date (or both combined), so you have a better chance of finding the files you're looking for. In this way it becomes easier to find the contents received, without having to navigate back and forth messages after messages, especially at a distance of time.

Telegram: group administrators become anonymous

Telegram has always focused on privacy and this new feature does nothing but emphasize the founding purpose of the client. With the new release, administrators will be able to choose to send messages in groups anonymously, that is, without showing participants the name of the sender, which will instead appear with the name of the group.

Telegram: comments in channels, what's new

Even Telegram channels become more orderly with the system introduced with the latest version of the client. The new feature of 7.1.1 allows you to comment on posts within channels, through the tap on the dedicated button. Once published, the comments will show up nested under the reference message and will be visible, all together, at a glance.

Telegram: new animations and animated emoticons

They are funny and often it's hard to do without them: these are the animations that, in this version Telegram enriches in the number together with animated emoticons. Usable through the app's keyboard, these moving images have become a real must for many users and their fame does not stop growing. And this is a tangible proof of it.