Galaxy M33: when comes the new Samsung cheap

Samsung Galaxy M33 5G is about to arrive on the market: here's when it will do so according to the latest rumors

Should be enriched soon, indeed very soon, the offer of cheap smartphones branded Samsung. It is about to arrive, in fact, Galaxy M33 5G, a product that will have a low price compared to the average of Samsung products but that does not mean it will lack some level of specification.

It seems that Samsung Galaxy M33 5G will have a battery capacity quite high, an element that combined with the low energy chips that usually characterize the products of medium-low range is usually a guarantee of excellent autonomy. Although Galaxy M33 5G is a smartphone now close to debut, and normally in these cases the information known are already many, the rumors so far have remained poor news on its account. We do not know several aspects, but it is fair to expect a product from the construction "rational", with a large screen and with several colors to choose from.

Samsung Galaxy M33 5G with battery "monstre"

According to documentation intercepted on the site of the certification body Safety Korea, Samsung has certified the battery identified by the initials EB-BM336ABN, which is believed to equip Samsung Galaxy M33 5G. The battery, according to the information noted by the body, has a nominal capacity of 5,830 mAh, but Samsung could advertise it - as indeed do almost all manufacturers - with the typical capacity of 6,000 mAh. For reference, the current Galaxy M32 5G version has a 5,000 mAh battery while the 4G variant has a 6,000 mAh, so Samsung Galaxy M33 5G is expected to have a better battery life than its predecessor.

These are of course rumors impossible to verify, so you have to take them for what they are. Moreover, the event does not give us a way to know something in advance about the charging power of Samsung Galaxy M33 5G, but it is not excluded that the company returns to propose the charging "fast" 15 watts seen on the predecessor Galaxy M32. There are also concrete possibilities cited that the new budget smartphone could be one of the first to hit the market with the new One UI 4.0 user interface based on Android 12.

Samsung has been placing an ever-increasing focus on software in recent years, and the possible adoption of the latest UI with Google's latest operating system on Galaxy M33 5G would once again certify the company's intention to remain attentive to this aspect.

Samsung Galaxy M33 5G, when it arrives

To hear the most up-to-date information circulating on the net, Samsung Galaxy M33 5G will be unveiled in January 2022, the same period when the long-awaited Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is expected to come to light, as well as a month before the debut of the next and rumored top-of-the-line Galaxy S22 series.

On the price of Samsung Galaxy M33 5G the mouths are still sewn. The predecessor in 4G variant is offered in Italy at 299 euros list price.