Galaxy M41, smartphone with record-breaking battery

Samsung is ready to launch the Galaxy M41, mid-range smartphone with a 6800mAh battery capable of ensuring a battery life of over two days

Samsung bets more and more on the Galaxy M range and this is demonstrated by the fact that two new smartphones are ready to debut on the market: the Galaxy M31s, of which we have already spoken in this article, and the Galaxy M41. On the latter have arrived important information in recent days: the phone, in fact, has been officially certified by Samsung, a signal that the presentation and the official launch should be imminent.

The certification also helps to have a clearer idea of how the smartphone will be. And immediately jumps to the eye a rather important fact: the Galaxy M41 will have a battery of well 6800mAh. For the South Korean company this is a real record, never any of its smartphones had reached these numbers and these goals. The Galaxy M range in recent years has been characterized precisely by having a super battery  that guarantees an autonomy that goes well beyond twenty-four hours. The smartphone will also have other interesting features, such as a 6.5-inch OLED screen and a rather interesting photographic compartment.

Features Galaxy M41

On the technical sheet of the Galaxy M41 we have neither official nor unofficial news, but it is possible to speculate on how the smartphone will be. On board there will be one of the mid-range Exynos chipsets produced directly by Samsung. The RAM will be 6GB, while the internal memory will be at least 64GB with the possibility to expand it via microSD. The screen should be OLED with a diagonal of at least 6.5 inches.

Photographic compartment rather interesting. From some images that appeared on the net, the Galaxy M41 seems to have 4 rear sensors. In addition to the main one, there will be a wide-angle lens, a telephoto lens and a ToF sensor for depth of field.

Now let's move on to the smartphone's strong point: the battery. The Galaxy M41 will definitely have a 6800mAh battery that will allow you to cover two days without any problem. Such a large battery, however, make increase the charging time and also the weight of the device.

When the Galaxy M41 comes out

We do not have certain dates on the release of the Galaxy M41, but the smartphone should arrive first on the Indian market and only in a second phase also in Europe. As for the price, it will be a low-cost device with good value for money: indicative cost on 300 euros.