WhatsApp iPhone backup: everything you need to know

To backup your iPhone to WhatsApp you need to follow some simple rules: here are what they are and how to solve any problems

The backup function of WhatsApp is one of the most loved by users. It allows you not to lose your WhatsApp chats in case you change your smartphone or decide to format your device to delete unnecessary files. Backing up conversations can be done on both Android and iOS versions of the messaging application. But as far as the iPhone and iCloud are concerned, you need to be aware of some information that could affect the use of the app.

If you have problems with WhatsApp backup on the iPhone, the fault may lie with the smartphone and not the app. In the FAQs on WhatsApp's website, there is a page dedicated specifically to the topic, where all the causes that can lead to problems with the application's backup are explained. For example, in order to back up WhatsApp on the iPhone, it is necessary that the iCloud account has 2.05 times more space available than the size of the backup itself. Here's everything you need to know about properly backing up WhatsApp on iPhone.

Cannot create WhatsApp backup on iPhone: how to fix

If you can't create WhatsApp chat backup on iPhone, you need to do some checks on your smartphone. First of all, you need to be sure that you have synchronized your iCloud account with your WhatsApp account. Otherwise, it is impossible to backup the application.

Do you have an iPhone with an outdated iOS operating system? It might be the cause of your problems. To back up WhatsApp you need an iPhone updated to a later version of iOS 7.

Check that you have enough space on iCloud to create a backup of the application. If automatic backup doesn't work, try backing it up manually. Enter the app, hit Settings, then Chats, Chat Backup and finally Backup Now. Finally, check the status of your Internet connection: the cause of the problems could be the lack of data network or the absence of Wi-Fi.

Cannot restore WhatsApp iPhone backup: how to fix it

If you have managed to backup your iPhone but cannot restore it, there are several reasons for this. The first thing to check is whether the phone number matches the iCloud account where the backup was created.

Another important check to be made is the available space on iCloud. Few people are aware of it, but in order to restore WhatsApp backup you need to have a space on Apple's cloud at least 2.05 times larger than the size of the backup.

Finally, remember that in order to restore WhatsApp backup to an Apple smartphone via iCloud you need to have an iPhone with at least iOS 8 or later versions.