Galaxy Note 10 Lite coming soon: cheap and with the SPen

The South Korean company is about to launch a new phablet. It is the economic version of the Note 10 but, reading the specifications, many turn up their noses

First official traces of the new Galaxy Note 10 Lite and the SPen, on which Samsung until now has managed to maintain considerable secrecy. The SPen, on November 26, was officially certified by the U.S. FCC, while the phablet was spotted on the well-known benchmarking platform Geekbench.

It's virtually certain that the Galaxy Note 10 Lite will also feature the SPen, because the two devices share part of the acronym and because, honestly, what Galaxy Note would be without the stylus? What is surprising, however, is the hardware configuration of the Note 10 Lite: it is below the expectations of many, virtually identical to that of the previous Galaxy Note 9 and with almost overlapping performance. This could lead, in addition to a great disappointment for many Samsung fans, also to a more reasonable price for this device that, however, will be born already with Android 10 installed in the factory.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite: the features

While of the SPen we only know that it has been certified, of the Galaxy Note 10 Lite we also have the data sheet: Geekbench publishes it along with the test results. The new Note 10 Lite will have an Exynos 9810 SoC with 6 GB of RAM, so under the hood it will be virtually identical to the Note 9, operating system aside. With this configuration, the Galaxy Note 10 Lite manages to score 667 points in single core and 2030 points in multi core in Geekbench tests. The Galaxy Note 9 does, respectively, 604 and 1928.

Snapdragon 855 for the Galaxy S10 Lite

Behind the choice to use an Exynos 9810 on the Galaxy Note 10 Lite there is probably an attempt by Samsung not to cannibalize the market to the other long-awaited device of the South Korean brand: the Galaxy S10 Lite. He yes, as confirmed again Geekbench, will have a processor of last generation and superior performance. The S10 Lite, in fact, has already appeared last month on the test platform with the SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 and 8 GB of RAM. The performance was, as imaginable, higher than that of the Note 10 Lite: 742 in single core and 2,604 in multi core. An astonishing result, that of the multi-core, given that superior even to those of the Galaxy Note 10, Note 10+ and even the Galaxy S10+. The Galaxy S10 Lite's single core result, on the other hand, falls between that of the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G and the Galaxy Note 10+ 4G.