Google lets slip a list of upcoming smartphones: there’s Asus’s foldable

Digging in the code of Google's software for augmented reality you can find a list of compatible models: some have yet to come out, of one we didn't know anything yet.

Galeotta was Google's list: a short list of smartphones was enough to reveal which will be the future models coming to the market in the next months. So Mountain View has inadvertently unveiled some tasty previews that see among the protagonists also the next foldable smartphone from Asus.

The list of Google that let emerge some of the next phones in the home stretch was the one related to the support of "Google Play Services for AR", formerly known as "ARCore", that is the Software Development Kit (SDK) distributed by Big G through its Play Store that smartphone manufacturers can use for augmented reality applications. Inside the SDK is the list of compatible devices and some have yet to hit the market. The first to notice the appearance of the new devices was 9to5Google, although the news has since quickly bounced from one site to another. According to the list, there are many models that should appear in the coming months, some of the most interesting and expected of the entire industry, thanks to the novelties from the point of view of technology and form factor.

Google, what are the upcoming smartphones

In the list published by smartphone, as it is easy to imagine, there are many smartphone models, many of which are already currently on the market. Obviously, to attract attention were those names that have been talked about most recently, in many cases highly anticipated by experts and the general public.

Among the models that could end up on sale already in the next quarter of the year, protagonists of the unintentional spoiler by Google, there is ASUS ZenFone 8 Flip, which as the name suggests should be a brand new foldable from the Taiwanese manufacturer with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor and popup camera. A device that confirms what we already know: 2021 is the year of foldable smartphones.

These are joined by the LG Stylo 7 and two new models in the OPPO family, namely Reno 5A and Reno 5 Pro+ 5G Bosch, the latter a likely special edition of the current Reno 5 Pro+ 5G.

The same fate has befallen Realme 8 Pro, soon to be on the Indian market, Motorola Moto g(100) and the Samsung Galaxy A82 5G, the one that should be the second with a QRNG (acronym that stands for Quantum Random Number Generator) chip, i.e. a quantum random number generator, Galaxy A52 4G and Galaxy A72 4G. For the last two models is only a partial anticipation, since the debut was already scheduled for Wednesday, March 17. Closes the series of spoilers the model ZTE Z6650S.

Google, what information about smartphones?

As it is easy to imagine, the list of Google includes nothing but the names of future models capable of supporting the current SDK. As a matter of fact, from the list it's not possible to find out the release dates of the new devices, nor some of the technical features that will outline the devices contours.

For those, therefore, we'll still have to wait - although not too much - for the next indications from the manufacturers or the well-informed of the network.