Instagram, post and story sharing coming soon?

The famous social media for photos is planning to include a new feature for reposting Stories and images from the feed, here's what it will look like

For years Instagram and its developers have been against sharing other people's content and the so-called repost. The purpose of this limitation is to avoid the excessive circulation of unoriginal content that can damage companies and influencers, as well as creatives and artists.

Now, however, the parts of Instagram seem to have changed their minds, so as to have begun testing a new feature to facilitate repost on the feed and in the Stories of other people's content. Obviously we will not be able to pass off as our content others (most likely the content as a result of repost will have the name of the user who created them), but it will still be more convenient and simple than the various methods used to date to make reposts. In this way, Instagram should avoid the theft of content and in part also the spread of hoaxes by multiple profiles, since the author of the fake news would be easily traceable by remaining always tagged on the photo of the feed or Story.

How to share a story or a photo of others on Instagram

Until now, to repost stories and photos on Instagram almost everyone has used a third-party application. Soon, however, we will not have any limitation for reposts: to share photos and videos of others on Instagram all we have to do is press the icon with three dots that appears at the top of each post and press Share. As already mentioned, in the share will appear the name of the user who posted it first.

At the moment it is not yet clear when the testing phase for this feature will end and if tomorrow Instagram will decide to make it available to everyone. From the first rumors, it seems that at least in the first months of release Instagram might allow the repost feature only on Stories and photos in the feed of companies.