Google Maps, here come directions for cyclists

Difficulty of the chosen route, altitude and dangerous sections. These are some of the information that Google Maps provides to bike lovers

In the beginning there were directions for cars and articulated vehicles. Then came "step-by-step" directions for pedestrians. The latest addition, at least so far, is for public transportation, with stops and times for buses, subways and trains. Now it's time for cyclists.

This is the latest addition to Google Maps, the famous satellite application-navigator developed in Mountain View for Android and iOS systems. In this way, Big G completes its "offer" and enters a rapidly growing market such as that of apps dedicated to lovers of the world of two wheels. And it does so by focusing first of all on the safety of cyclists: using the information in its servers, Google Maps is able to recognize the most dangerous stretches of road, suggesting to get off the bike and cross the offending section on foot. But this is just one of the many features of Google Maps for cyclists.

Google Maps for cyclists, how it works

Just as with driving, walking or public transport, Google Maps provides the user with complete and very accurate information. Once the destination is set, the cyclist can choose one of the many routes available based on the data, road and otherwise, related to the route. Taking into account the climbs and their slope, in fact, Google Maps will indicate what is the level of difficulty of the chosen road, reporting climbs, slopes and dirt sections. In addition, if you are a passionate grimpeur, Google Maps will provide you with details about the altitude reached, with a small altimetric graph on the left side of the screen.