Google One, how much does 5 TB of space cost in Italy

Since Google took away the free cloud space for photos and videos, GBs are no longer enough: so here comes also in Italy a new Google One 5 TB plan, but there is a free alternative

From June 1, 2021 Android users had to say goodbye to one of the biggest advantages of using the Android operating system compared to iOS: the free space on Google One (formerly Google Drive) for photos and videos made with the phone. From that date, in fact, photos and videos uploaded to the cloud take up space even if you choose the basic resolution.

Google's move was clear and, to tell the truth, also legitimate: to make users fall in love with a useful service and then put that service to pay: the 15 GB free offered by Big G for each Google account, in fact, are no longer enough, it is useful to pay to have automatic backup of their memories in the cloud on some server around the world, so as not to lose everything if the smartphone no longer works or if it is stolen.

Google One: the new 5 TB

When the free 15 GB space on Google One isn't enough anymore, the user has to put his hands in his wallet and choose a monthly, or annual, subscription plan to have more space available. Il nuovo taglio da 5 TB va ad inserirsi tra quelli, già esistenti, da 2 TB e 10 TB, ad un prezzo di 24,99 euro al mese o 249,99 euro l’anno.

Ecco la lista aggiornata dei piani Google One adesso disponibili:

  • 15 GB – Gratis
  • 100 GB – 1,99 euro mese / 19,99 euro anno
  • 200 GB – 2,99 euro mese / 29,99 euro anno
  • 2 TB – 9,99 euro mese / 99,99 euro anno
  • 5 TB – 24,99 euro mese / 249,99 euro anno
  • 10 TB – 49,99 euro mese
  • 20 TB – 99,99 euro mese
  • 30 TB – 149,99 euro mese

L’alternativa gratis: Amazon Photos

Chi non volesse pagare per ottenere altro spazio di archiviazione in cloud per le proprie foto può scegliere anche l’alternativa a Google One gratuita Amazon Photos. Amazon's service is limited to photos only and not to videos as well, but it offers unlimited storage space.

To get the free space you just need to subscribe to Amazon Prime, so this service is in addition to free shipping and Amazon Prime Video, together with which it forms a unique package of benefits for Amazon Prime subscribers.

Subscribe to Amazon Prime to use Amazon Photos for free

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