Google patents smartphone that mounts like Legos

The U.S. Patent Office has published images of a Google project to make a modular smartphone. Here's what it will look like

Google is working on a modular smartphone and could unveil it in a few years. What is a modular smartphone and why is this news so important? The peculiarity of modular smartphones is that they can be made according to the user's needs: each internal component can be easily replaced. This way you can upgrade your phone with new parts without the need to buy a new device. This is not the first time that Google has embarked on the development of a modular smartphone: already in the past years it had presented Project Ara, but the device was cancelled within a few years.

The project of the new modular smartphone was anticipated by the US Patent Office, which published images of the patent on its website. Google had submitted the project in September 2018 and received the patent in January 2019. The photos allow to understand how the modular smartphone will be: the device will be divided into three sections, each characterized by some components that can be removed and replaced.

How will be the modular smartphone from Google

In the first section there will be place the main components of the device: the chipset, the battery, the display and some sensors. In the second, instead, there will be room for RAM, the camera and a secondary screen, if the user wants to insert it. The third section will serve as glue and to protect the device from drops. This back shell will be able to be made in different materials satisfying any user's needs.

Because the device is modular, the user will be able to decide at any time to replace one of the components and improve the phone's performance. In this way, it will not be necessary to buy a new smartphone when the performance of your device begins to decrease.

It is good to reiterate that this is only a patent and it is not said that the modular smartphone will really come to market. The only thing certain is that Google is working on the project and in the future in addition to the Pixel could launch a new range of smartphones.