Google, smart headphones and a new Chromebook are coming this fall

According to several rumors, the US company could launch, along with the new Pixels, smart headphones with a built-in personal assistant

Sources close to Google have released rumors about upcoming releases from Mountain View. Definitely by the end of the year we will see two new smartphones and most likely also a revolutionary Chromebook. But to surprise are the rumors about the new smart headphones.

It would be smart headphones, coming next fall, which should implement within them the technology already seen on Google Home. In practice, it would be like having in your ear, at all times, a personal assistant. According to experts, these headphones are designed for the new Pixel that should not have the 3.5 mm audio jack. Google's smart headphones will connect to devices via Bluetooth. In addition to a significant audio quality, the real novelty will be precisely the ability to use artificial intelligence with a voice command. Presumably it will remain the classic "Ok, Google". Command already used on Android smartphones and on Google's smart home speakers.

How Google's headphones will be

The success of these headphones will most likely depend on their compatibility. If they will remain confined only on the Pixel they could represent a fairly niche tool, while if they were also associated with other brands they could have a good sales success. They could also be an alternative solution for those who want to manage their homes in a smart way. According to initial information, in fact, these headphones will cost less than the current Google Home speaker, which currently has a price of about $ 129 (at the time Google Home is not available in Italy). But that's not all. Because according to several experts, Google has in store for the end of 2017, or at most for the beginning of 2018, a new version, this time mini, of its Home Assistant. Even this device, which is nothing but the classic Google Home with smaller dimensions, will cost less than the current smart home device signed Mountain View.

Chromebook Pixel

For the fall event, Google would also have in store a new Chromebook, which will be called Pixel and will have a 12.3-inch screen. Storage will be 32 or 128 GB. But there could be a third, intermediate version. While the RAM will be between 8 and 16GB. The screen will rotate 360 degrees and the thickness of the device will be only 10 millimeters. Obviously it will also have the Tablet mode. The project seems to resume the old laptop Bison, also by Google, and contrary to rumors of some time ago, should run with a particular version of Android and not Andromeda. There's no information on the price, but the new Chromebook won't cost less than $800.