WhatsApp: in arrrivo the new feature to send videos

The site WABetainfo announces a new feature coming for the popular messaging app WhatsApp: developers at work to send silent videos

For WhatsApp it's time for new features: among the next ones coming could be the ability to send silent videos. In particular, this and other novelties that will appear in the next updates should closely concern owners of Android devices, for which the development team is already at work.

To give news about future developments of the WhatsApp application dedicated to instant messaging is the website WABetaInfo that, this time, has launched the anticipation about this feature that would be currently in development. The project, according to the information, would still be in an embryonic phase, so the timing for a possible beta test phase could still be quite long. In addition, the site reveals that at the moment this feature would be reserved exclusively for users with Android devices and not Apple, for which, however, could be added at a later time.

WhatsApp, how it works sending silent videos

According to what was revealed by WABetaInfo, the new feature would be announced through some references within the release of the app. It would therefore provide the user with the ability to mute videos, both before sending them to the recipient and before using them as a status update.

To back up the thesis, WABetaInfo theorized that everything could be made possible through a speaker icon, available next to the total duration of the video to be shared. Through a tap, then, it would be possible to choose whether to integrate or remove the audio from the version that will then actually be shared.

WhatsApp, silent videos and more

That of sending silent videos, however, would not be the only feature that could debut in the coming months. If this has been reserved for Android users, for the iPhone version the messaging app is thinking of implementing what has been christened "Read Later", or rather "read later".

Read Later would be, at least from the first rumors, an improved version of the archives that would allow you to no longer receive notifications from the chat in case of receipt of new messages. From the screenshots we can see the opportunity to select multiple conversations at the same time for removal from the archive, as well as choosing whether and where to save the media received from these chats, the category under which to archive them and whether, when receiving a new message, it is necessary to reinsert the conversation among the active ones, in line with the "Vacation Mode" feature.