Here’s the company worth the most in the world, Apple defeated

Apparently, Tim Cook's company's 2.46 trillion in capitalization isn't enough. What's the most valuable company in the world (it's not Apple).

There's a pretty specific date for the event, and it's October 29, 2021. This was, in fact, the day that Apple became the second most valuable company in the world. Surely the blame is not to be attributed to the 25 euro cloth that triggered a revolt of fans of the products of the house of Cupertino, but that was at the same time sold out, perhaps precisely because of the controversy.

It could instead have something to do with a presentation event, the last one, that has disappointed the expectations of the fans, above all for the very high prices (besides for the average user, also for those who follow with attention every new release, and are willing to spend more).

What is the company that is worth more in the world and that has surpassed the company founded by Steve Jobs

It is actually Microsoft. On October 29, the company, founded by Bill Gates, surpassed Apple in terms of capitalization. It is now the company with the largest market capitalization in the world and therefore the one that is worth the most globally.

These are stellar figures on both sides and they do not differ much from each other. The company of which Tim Cook is CEO is worth about $2.46 trillion, while the one administered by Satya Nadella is worth "only" $30 billion more, and therefore $2.49 trillion.

How is Apple doing and what are its accounts, the consequences of the semiconductor and chip crisis

Is Apple in crisis? Not really. In the sense that it is still the second coming in a clash of giants. It's true that the Cupertino-based company reported a $6 billion loss in the third quarter of 2021 due to a shortage of chips and semiconductors. On the other hand, however, it undermined Xiaomi with 50.4 million iPhones sold, becoming the second largest smartphone company globally after Samsung.

The overtaking brings us back to what happened before Apple's victory over Microsoft, for a long time, in fact, the podium was held by the second of the two tech companies. It should not be forgotten that Apple was also, for some time, a record-breaking company: the first to be worth 1 billion dollars. And the first to be worth 2.

Giuseppe Giordano