Honor Magic 3 is coming with 5 cameras

Honor Magic 3 is approaching the launch, and in parallel grow the rumors on his account: here is the portrait of the first top of the range of the "new" Honor.

Start to circulate with increasing insistence the rumors about the next Honor smartphone, that is Honor Magic 3. It will not be just any product for the company, which returns to have its say in the most valuable segment of the market as it did in the best moments of the Huawei era, but after a period that at times seemed very dark and ended with the division from the parent company.

First, the well-known difficulties of Huawei with the U.S. have muddied the waters throwing heavy uncertainties on the future, then at the end of last year the sale to a group of Chinese entrepreneurs that has slightly cleared the sky, finally the return to the presentation of new products at the beginning of 2021 with the rise back to the glories of the past. Resurgence led by Honor Magic 3, the first top of the range Android of the new Honor post-Huawei. With indiscretions that by now, in recent days, have traced an increasingly clear profile. Events have favored the rumor machine: first the round on AnTuTu, then on Geekbench, again a teaser video on Weibo and finally a render shared by a tipster on Twitter.

Honor Magic 3: a very powerful chip

Here we go, that Honor Magic 3 will be a top of the range without too many compromises was presumable in light of Honor's recent difficulties summarized above, with the desire - we imagine - to climb the slope soon, and it is then clear from the rumors of the last few hours.

Little information about the display, of which we know that it will have a refresh rate of 120 Hz, which will promote visual fluidity and responsiveness in games, curved edges to increase the aesthetic impact, and a hole generous enough to accommodate two front cameras. Pulling the strings of the hardware will think the best chip from Qualcomm for the second half of 2021, the Snapdragon 888 Plus that could be brought to debut by Honor Magic 3.

Better choice, from the point of view of the main chip of a smartphone, could not be made: there will be plenty of power for those who intend to play a lot with Honor Magic 3 and for those who will perform heavy tasks, also favored by the presence of super fast memory. In fact, the RAM will be LPDDR5, 8 or 12 GB, while the storage space could have a single configuration of 512 GB or, more likely, the peak at 512 GB.

Five cameras for Honor Magic 3

The rear camera group looks incredible, with the beauty of three 64-megapixel sensors with roles, still, unknown, a main 64-megapixel and a ToF, to close the picture, 2 megapixels. Less amazing is the score obtained by the Honor Magic 3 on the benchmark platform AnTuTu, perhaps the best-known in the world: almost 750 thousand points, when some products with the Snapdragon 888 in "standard" version reach that level and sometimes even exceed it.

More than likely that the Honor Magic 3 unit that performed the test on AnTuTu was not yet perfectly optimized on the software side, and therefore showed lower performance than expected. Even on Geekbench, the alleged Honor didn't perform as expected, which supports the claim of poor optimization. And for those who were wondering, yes: Google services and apps will be there. Appointment on August 12 for the official.