How it works, costs and convenience of AppleCare+ support

The AppleCare Plus package is a technical service offered to iPhone owners, other than a warranty, that ensures affordable repairs.

Those who purchase an iPhone or any other Apple device may be faced with the dilemma of whether or not to sign up for AppleCare. What is it all about? Let's start by saying that its correct name is AppleCare+ and it's not a true extended warranty, but rather an insurance service available to those who buy a product from the Cupertino company.

AppleCare+ includes up to two years of telephone assistance from specialized technicians and hardware coverage. It also includes two interventions in case of accidental damage. For example, if you damage the display you'll have to pay 29 euros for the repair, while for other types of damage the expense rises to 99 euros. Tieni presente che i vantaggi offerti da AppleCare Plus vanno ad aggiungersi ai 2 anni di garanzia del venditore, come previsto dalla legge italiana in materia di tutela dei consumatori.

Quanto costa AppleCare?

Il costo del servizio assicurativo dell’azienda di Cupertino dipende dal tipo di iPhone che si possiede e sono disponibili vari pacchetti. Ecco quanto costa AppleCare in base ai diversi modelli di melafonino:

• Applecare per iPhone SE: 99 euro;
• Applecare per iPhone 7 e iPhone 8: 149 euro;
• Applecare per iPhone XR e iPhone 7 Plus/8 Plus: 169 euro;
• Applecare per iPhone XS e XS Max: 229 euro.

AppleCare+ is also available for iPad and Apple Watch, while for Mac and Apple TV there's the AppleCare Protection Plan, which provides up to 3 years and up to 2 years of expert technical support and additional hardware support options, respectively.

How to buy AppleCare for iPhone

The process of buying an AppleCare plan for iPhone is very simple. You can follow the procedure on Apple's website by accessing the My Support page. Just enter your account ID and password, select the device for which you want to purchase the AppleCare package and click on Add Coverage. Finally, all you have to do is press Buy AppleCare and follow the remaining steps to complete your purchase.

You can also buy AppleCare with your new device or within 60 days from the date you made your purchase. You can do the transaction online or by calling 800.915.904. If you choose to do everything via the web, you must connect to the dedicated page where you can verify the serial number by entering it in the appropriate field and perform an automatic diagnosis of your device. If, however, you prefer to call the number we have indicated, you must provide proof of purchase and perform an automatic diagnosis of the iDevice.

AppleCare: is it really worth it?

Wondering whether AppleCare is a convenient purchase or not is a legitimate question. Given the cost that an iPhone has, it may be worthwhile to purchase Apple insurance. Also, if you are a particularly clumsy person and the phones with you are short-lived, then you should not think twice and insure your device made in Cupertino right away. In order to understand if the service of Apple is convenient or not, it is necessary to analyze other aspects as well.

If you consider only the screen repairs, the price of AppleCare Plus is not so convenient. Let's give you an example to help you understand better. If you have the screen of an iPhone XS repaired without AppleCare you spend 311.20 euros, while with Apple's warranty the cost is 270.20 euros. In practice, the difference is only 41, a figure that may even push you not to buy the insurance service from Apple.

The costs change considerably when it comes to other types of damage. For example, getting an iPhone XS repaired without AppleCare+ costs 591.20 euros, while with iPhone insurance the expense would only be 328 euros, of which 99 euros for the repair and 229 euros to take out AppleCare+. This time the difference is 251 euros and choosing the service offered by the company of the bitten apple can be convenient.

In evaluating or not the convenience of AppleCare must be considered that it also covers any damage to the battery. Repairing a battery out of warranty costs 89 euros, while with Apple insurance you have no cost at all. If you add this advantage to the ones we have listed above, you will no longer have doubts about whether or not to subscribe to AppleCare.