How SkyHi, the Netflix of airline flights works

Booking flights at the last minute isn't a convenient choice, but thanks to SkyHi's subscription services, we'll always have a low-priced ticket available

The way we plan our air travel and vacations could change forever. Thanks in large part to companies like SkyHi. Basically the Netflix of flights. But what are we talking about? Simple, an annual or monthly subscription that allows us to take unlimited flights.

Sydney Campos, marketing manager of SkyHi, explained the project in a very simple way: "Nowadays, taking a plane is an uncomfortable experience for the user. In order to avoid overcharges, you almost always have to book months in advance. A real hassle for those who work and only have a few weekends off. And this also translates into a disadvantage for airlines that often travel with many empty seats. That's why we came up with a subscription plan that allows people to take a flight as needed without worrying about skyrocketing prices." But how do you use SkyHi services?

How does SkyHi work

Having a seat available on your next flight thanks to SkyHi is very simple. Just download the app for iOS or Android. Once the app is launched, all we have to do is create a profile and choose the type of subscription that best suits our needs. With 199 dollars per month, about 170 euros, we can always have a flight per week (two adding another 35 dollars) within a maximum radius of 2500 kilometers. From SkyHi they say that if the app is successful, monthly subscription plans will change and packages will be structured for those who travel more than once a week for work. At the moment the app is in beta phase and is not available for all iPhone and Android users, but it will be officially released from next October. For many market experts, the idea will be very successful in the future. People in fact at the moment are used to having monthly subscription services, which they can easily cancel or activate. Think of Netflix, car sharing or Spotify. And the same will be true for longer trips by plane. Moreover, for entrepreneurs, freelancers and digital creatives, this system could mean saving a lot of money in case of unforeseen business trips.