Apple announces iOS 15: what’s new

IOS 15 has been announced by Apple along with all its new features: here they are, along with iPhones compatible with the new operating system.

iOS 15 is official: it was announced by Apple at the annual conference dedicated to developers, the WWDC21, for now only in beta version that, as usual, offers the opportunity for those who work with the operating system of Apple to familiarize themselves with the environment and adapt applications. For the final version of iOS 15 we have to wait until autumn, when it will probably arrive hand in hand with the iPhone 13.

In the meantime, at WWDC21 Apple has anticipated the news, has marked the times, and listed the iPhones that will receive iOS 15, catalyzing all the attention on the next mobile operating system. Attention of a virtual audience, since due to the pandemic, the usual festive audience had to give way to an audience of cheerful memoji - the emoticons of Apple - who accompanied Tim Cook on stage at Apple Park. The main novelty of WWDC21 was just iOS 15, to whose development Apple says it has worked hard taking the cues of the situation that the whole world has had to live with in the last year and a half.


We can only explain with the pandemic the opening - not at all in Apple style - of FaceTime to Android and Windows. Apple's ecosystem is notoriously closed, but it is clear that the Covid-19 pandemic has subverted the paradigms, and must have pushed even a company as firm in its convictions as Apple to re-evaluate the range of action of FaceTime, which like Skype, Zoom and other competitors has recently experienced a new golden age.

So, FaceTime with iOS 15 will be a platform for everyone: all you need is a web browser to join a FaceTime call or video call with end-to-end encryption regardless of whether you have an iPhone, iPad or Mac.

ShareTime is the other new feature announced for FaceTime: it will allow you to share what you are watching, a movie or a video for example, to see it with another person or a group of friends.

Finally, the spatial audio: the listener, if in possession of a compatible device such as AirPods Max for example, will hear the voice of the person speaking from the direction in which it is visible on the screen, to increase the naturalness of the conversation.


With iOS 15 will arrive Focus, a novelty that will allow you to separate your professional life from your private one. The Apple operating system will allow you to determine which notifications you consider important and which you don't at different times of the day, but it's only a starting point because Focus for iOS 15 promises to learn from your habits, the places you frequent most and the context to submit the right alert at the right time.

With Focus, after a certain hour notifications about work, for example, will be de-prioritized, to gain importance again the next day at the right time. In addition, iMessage, Apple's internet chat service, when Focus and Do Not Disturb is on, will alert the other party as to why we can't respond at that time.


LiveText is one of those features that makes the benefits of artificial intelligence easy to experience.

New Apple Maps

Broad changes to Apple's Maps. Renewed graphics with many details to facilitate navigation: roadways, traffic lights, bike lanes, crosswalks, but also the interaction with public services, with the iPhone or the Apple Watch, for example, will be able to indicate when it's time to get off the bus.

Good news: the new Apple Maps will arrive by the end of the year in Italy.


Important steps forward in iOS 15 in terms of privacy. With App Tracking Transparency, you'll be able to control the data management done by the various installed apps, you'll be able to hide your IP address, while Mail will prevent companies from knowing if an email has been opened to discourage spam.


Apple's "cloud" will also have its share of new features. Sarà possibile indicare un contatto fidato a cui passare la propria eredità digitale di iCloud in caso di morte.

iPhone compatibili con iOS 15

Ogni volta che Apple aggiorna il suo sistema operativo iOS qualche modello di iPhone perde la possibilità di essere aggiornato e diventa “vintage“. E’ normale che sia così: succede anche su Android.

Ecco la lista degli iPhone che riceveranno iOS 15 sicuramente.

  • iPhone 12 tutti
  • iPhone 11 tutti
  • iPhone XS tutti
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8 tutti
  • iPhone 7 tutti
  • iPhone 6s tutti
  • iPhone SE tutti
  • iPod Touch di settima generazione