How to disable iPhone app review requests

With iOS 11 you will be able to disable the appearance of annoying in-app reviews forever. Here's how to block the appearance of the notifications

Probably you, too, at least once, have been very close to throwing your phone out the window, after yet another review request appeared on the iPhone display. Well, know that iOS 11, which Apple will officially distribute in September, allows you to put an end to the drip.

Finally many of the users of the bitten apple will be able to disable this annoying feature. Seen through the eyes of programmers, the system is very useful, as it allows them to gain visibility in the App Store. And for many developers, reviews represent a survival tool. The problem is that, in the long run, the appearance of these messages gets tiresome. So Apple has decided to intervene, limiting the maximum number of in-app reviews and, most importantly, giving users the option to choose whether or not to disable the annoying feature.

If you have downloaded iOS 11 and want to block the notification message about reviews, here's how to do it.

How to Disable Review Requests

Disabling app review requests on the iPhone is really very simple. It's also worth noting that the feature can be stopped on the iPad or iPod as well. What is important is not the device used, but the version of iOS installed. The feature, in fact, is available only on iOS 11.

Having made some clarity, let's get to the action. First, as is the case whenever you need to make changes, you need to go to the iPhone's settings. Next, to stop review requests, you'll just need to hit "iTunes Store and App Store". At this point we are very close to the goal. As a final step, to disable the notifications forever, you'll just have to "turn off" the "In-app ratings and reviews" item and you're done.

Maximum of three messages per year

From now on, you won't be tormented by any pop ups. As anticipated, Apple has also limited the overall number of review requests. With iOS 11, developers, in fact, will be able to put a maximum of three messages per year in their apps.