Apple, hundreds of new emoji coming with iOS 11.1

With the new beta versions of iOS 11.1 will also come hundreds of new emoji made by Cupertino, from dinosaurs to steamed ravioli

With the arrival of the new update to the mobile operating system iOS 11, AppleĀ is preparing to release also a lot of new emoji that iPad and iPhone users will be able to use in their conversations and in their applications. There are hundreds of new symbols designed for iOS 11, from animals to funny faces.

As mentioned the new emoticons will be many and will fill virtually every category. For example, among the animals there will be a dinosaur, but also the giraffe and a cricket. Among the elements related to food, the novelties are steamed dumplings and noodles, typical of Asian cuisine, and the classic English Beef Pie. Basically a baked pie stuffed with meat. Among sports, the emoji linked to climbing and sledding has been included. But the protagonist is the polished stone of curling. Many are instead the new faces, from the one that swears to the one that asks to be quiet. Among the fairy tale figures we find instead a vampire, a mermaid, a fairy and a wizard.

New Apple emoji

Among the figures that we can define as "everyday", or those that help us to express actions and jobs that we do every day, is discussed the emoji linked to the mother breastfeeding. While it was also introduced the figure of men and women in bathrobes ready to take a relaxing shower. Very cute is the little hand that says "I love you" in American sign language. Cupertino's new emoji will debut in the upcoming beta versions of iOS 11 and iOS 11.1. And they will then be made available on macOS and watchOS as well.