How to check TIM credit

Do you need to know what is the remaining TIM credit? You have several methods at your disposal: calling, sending an SMS or connecting to your personal profile online

Have you been having problems with your TIM card for a few days and can no longer make calls, send SMS or surf the web? If the problem has been going on for several days, it is unlikely to be a line problem: in most cases, TIM down only lasts a handful of minutes and, even in the case of very serious faults, within a few hours the technicians are able to solve it.

Probably, therefore, that the problem concerns your user, who for one reason or another, no longer lets you make calls or update your social networks. For example, you may have run out of credit and, therefore, the TIM tariff plan has not been renewed. To be sure that this is the reason for the prolonged inefficiency, you just need to find out how to check your TIM credit and, if the meter shows "0.00 euros", you just need to recharge your card. If, however, the credit is not exhausted, it is advisable to call the TIM customer service and check with an operator.

Number to find out TIM credit

The easiest way to find out what is the remaining TIM credit is to call the toll free number. To find out TIM credit call 40916 and listen to what the recorded voice says. Alternatively, another number to find out the TIM credit is 119. Only there will be no need to call it: just send a "free text" SMS (you can write "credit" or "what is the credit" or even "remaining credit" or "how much credit I have") and wait a few moments for the response.

Verificare credito TIM online

If you need information slightly more detailed than those provided by the number to know the TIM credit you can opt for the web solution. With the MyTIM app (available for both iOS and Android) you can know the remaining credit and check the list of credits and debits in a period of your choice. Alternatively, you can view the same information from the website, accessing the section My TIM Mobile. Also here you can find additional information about your offer.