How to delete photos on Facebook

Do you want to delete a photo posted on your Facebook profile? There are different procedures for both Android, iOS apps and the web version. Here's how to do it

Facebook is the largest social network in the world. Every day millions of people post, share and comment on all kinds of content, especially photographs. Often, however, some images are published in a hurry, and there may be second thoughts.

Many people, after publishing a photo want to delete all traces of it from Facebook. The reasons can be very different: you have broken up and you want to clean up; you are hired at work and you don't want inappropriate pictures; the picture you uploaded this morning is not so nice and you might as well delete it. In short, the reasons for deleting photos on Facebook are really many. Fortunately, the platform allows you to achieve this goal quickly and easily. There are intuitive procedures to perform both from the web version and the mobile app.

How to delete photos on Facebook on Android and iOS

First of all, you should know that the only photos that can be deleted from Facebook are those uploaded by you. As for those shared by other people in which you are tagged, the only action you can take is to remove the tag.

To delete a particular photo from the app, just open the image and tap on the menu (consisting of three dots). At this point, several options will appear, including "Delete Photo". To do so, simply tap on it and then confirm. This option also works for profile and cover photos.

Of course, you can also act on entire albums. To delete all the images inside them, just go to your profile, "View all photos" and to the albums section. Within a single album you can tap on the menu, which is located in the upper right corner. Select the "Delete" option and each picture will be deleted.

Deleting Facebook photos from the web

Also from the web version there are two options, the first is to delete individual photos, the second is to delete albums. The procedure is unique for every browser, be it Windows, Linux or Mac. So let's start by saying that there are two methods.

The first is to open a photo on the social, moving the mouse pointer over the photo. A series of controls will appear at the bottom of the photo. Clicking on "Options" brings up "Delete this photo". Before continuing with the deletion, Facebook will ask for confirmation. By confirming the deletion, the photo will disappear.

The second method instead goes through the user's profile. By clicking on the "Photos" tab, a grid will appear with all the images posted. In the upper right corner, there is an icon with a pencil. Clicking on it will appear, among other items, "Delete this photo". This method can also be used to remove tags. In fact, "Remove tags" appears among the different options.

In contrast to what happens with the app, there is no method to delete photos in bulk on Facebook from the web version. Staying within your web profile, you go to the "Photos" tab and then to "Photos of you" where you find all the photos you're tagged in and albums.

On the albums page, you'll find the menu icon in the bottom right corner. Again, if you click on it, the command will always be the same, which is "Delete album". All traces of that album will disappear.

To delete photos that are in different albums there is no official procedure. But there is a trick: select all the pictures you want to delete and put them in an album. Then delete the album.