How to download and use Telegram on PC

Find out how to download and use Telegram on PC, an app dedicated to instant messaging, also available for any version of Windows.

Telegram, the instant messaging app, after a muted start according to the latest published data now counts over 9 million Italian users. Despite the boom in 2017 and the steady growth the Russian app has not yet managed to oust WhatsApp, although it offers its users significant advantages. Just think about the excellent protection system that guarantees a high level of security of conversations, the possibility of creating secret chats or even group chats up to 200 participants.

Aside from Android smartphones and iPhones, Telegram is also available on Windows PCs. You have 2 different options at your disposal: download the app on your PC or take advantage of the web app by connecting to the official website. Not sure where to start? Read the article and in no time you'll be sending and receiving Telegram messages on your desktop!

How to download and install Telegram on PC

There are two ways to download Telegram and it all depends on the version of Windows you have on your PC. For all versions of Windows you can download the classic.exe file. If, on the other hand, you have a PC with Windows 10, you can download the Telegram application from the Microsoft Store. Let's see what are the steps to follow in both cases.

Download Telegram for all versions of Windows

To install Telegram on any version of Windows you first need to connect to the app's official website. Click on the Telegram version you want to download, in this case Get Telegram for Windows. Also on the homepage you will find the download of the program for Linux (32 and 64 bit) and MacOS. Once the .exe file has been downloaded, click on it twice and select Italian from the available languages. Click on OK and then Next until prompted.

To proceed with the installation, click on the Install button and wait for the operation to complete. Once the installation is finished, check the Start Telegram option and click Finish. With this quick and easy procedure you have installed Telegram on your PC. Now you will see the initial screen of the program, click on Start Messaging to complete the configuration and send your first messages.

Enter your mobile number and click Next. Telegram will send an SMS to the indicated number with the registration confirmation code that you must enter on the next screen. Try to have your phone handy because you have two minutes to enter the code, after which you will have to request a new one. Once you have entered the code click on Next. Your screen will display the Telegram interface that you can now use from your desktop.

Telegram for Windows 10

If you have Windows 10 you can download the Telegram app by accessing the Microsoft Store with your credentials. The procedure is simple and intuitive. All you have to do is look for the app in the dedicated Store and click on the Get button and then on Install. After downloading and installing the app, just click on Start to open Telegram on your PC. Click on the Start messaging button and enter your mobile number to which the verification code will be sent via SMS. Once you've entered the code you can start using the app to communicate with all your contacts.

Use Telegram without installation: the web app

This second option allows you not to download the app and use it on any computer and with all operating systems. This is a really interesting opportunity, especially when you're low on battery power and have no way or time to download the program and configure Telegram on your PC. Thanks to the web app you can send and receive Telegram messages with any web browser. Just go to the dedicated website ( and enter your mobile number.

As for the other options, you will need at least initially your smartphone to receive the activation code via SMS. Once you have entered the activation code, you can start using Telegram and resume your conversations on your PC. A useful tip: if you want a shortcut to use the app on PC, download the Telegram extension on the Chrome Web Store. As you can read in the information in Overview this is not the official extension but just a way to make accessing the web easier and faster.