WhatsApp for Pc, how it works and how to download the application

The application of WhatsApp is also available for the computer: here's how it works and where to download it from

Few people are aware of the fact that there is the application of WhatsApp for PC. We are not talking about programs developed by third-party companies, but the official app made by the staff of WhatsApp. It is a program available for both Windows and Mac, which can be downloaded directly from the application's website.

After many requests from users, WhatsApp staff wanted to please them by developing the application for the computer. Although you can use WhatsApp on your computer via WhatsApp Web, many could not access the service due to problems with the browser. With WhatsApp for PC these problems are not there: just download the app from the site, install it on your computer and start chatting with your friends. The functions present in WhatsApp for PC are identical to those of the smartphone app: you'll be able to send voice messages, share images and photos and record audio notes. Here's how to use and download WhatsApp for PC.

How WhatsApp for PC works

To use WhatsApp for PC, the first thing to do is download the application from the company's official website. The browser will automatically recognize whether we are using a Mac or Windows PC and will start downloading the executable. When you launch WhatsApp for PC for the first time, a QR Code will appear on the screen that you have to frame with the WhatsApp application for your smartphone, in order to synchronize data. This is the same procedure you would normally do with WhatsApp Web on your computer's browser. Once this step is complete, the program will open and we'll have in front of us our WhatsApp account with all the conversations. We'll be able to send messages, share photos and videos, send GIFs and record voice notes.

WhatsApp for PC only works if the smartphone has an active connection, otherwise it will be impossible to receive and send messages. This feature limits the freedom of users to some extent, but it is a choice that WhatsApp has also made for WhatsApp Web.