How to download song lyrics with Android, for free

Karaoke fans? Here's a nice application to retrieve in no time, and at no cost, the lyrics of the music you listen to

It may seem strange, but in the era of smartphones, of streaming sites to listen to music online and from cell phones, karaoke remains one of the favorite activities of music lovers. There are more and more clubs that organize theme nights and, at the same time, the number of softwares and applications with preloaded karaoke tracks is also growing.

Often, however, you don't need to turn your computer or smartphone into a sort of old stereo to let yourself go with your favorite karaoke tracks. All you need to do is find the right app, download the song lyrics and overlay the voice of your favorite singer. In this way, you'll only need the MP3 files that are already in the memory of your device (smartphone, but also computer) without having to find the karaoke songs and find yourself with a full smartphone memory. There are several solutions available in the various online stores, although one of the most popular (at least on the Android platform) is QuickLyric.

Download free song lyrics on Android

QuickLyric does only one thing, and it does it well: it scans the music library of your smartphone, downloads song lyrics and shows them to you when you can't connect to the Net. It works with the main music players although Spotify users have to enable Broadcast mode, while Poweramp users will have to enable Scrobbling. The synchronization between song and lyrics doesn't always work perfectly, and sometimes you may have to edit everything manually to be able to read the right words at the right time. If you don't consider this to be an insurmountable shortcoming, set QuickLyric as your default music library lyrics app.

How to download free song lyrics with QuickLyric

You must, before you start using QuickLyric, go to Settings and enable a few features. The first one, in order of appearance is Keep the screen active so that, even if it consumes a little more battery, you don't risk losing the "thread" of the music lyrics, and Automatically save lyrics to your device. Another useful option is Notifications which alerts you when a song changes. Now that the configuration of QuickLyric is finished, you can move on to the bulk download: tap that icon in the toolbar that looks like a cross between a download and a cloud. The app will scan your smartphone and report which song lyrics to download. The time to download lyrics depends on how many songs you have stored on your device. Downloading 162 song lyrics took just under a couple of minutes. If any lyrics are missing, use the search tool, the one with the magnifying glass.