How to make WhatsApp video calls from your PC

To make calls and video calls on WhatsApp from your computer you need to use an ad hoc procedure. Here's what

Making calls and video calls on WhatsApp is very simple and immediate: just have the number of the person, launch the application and press on the icon in the shape of a handset or camera. Unfortunately, this immediacy is not there in the Web version of WhatsApp, which does not allow you to make calls and video calls. As many of you know, WhatsApp Web is the desktop version of the messaging application. To access the web-app you have two ways: download WhatsApp Desktop from the Windows Store or the Mac App Store, or use your computer's browser.

In both cases you have to scan the QR Code that appears on the screen via the smartphone app and in a few seconds you can use WhatsApp on your computer. Unfortunately, the desktop version doesn't have the same functions as the one for the smartphone: among the missing tools are precisely calls and video calls. Despite the promises of the developers to implement the feature on the Desktop app, so far it has not been released.

What do you have to do to make free WhatsApp group video calls on PC? Is there an alternative? The good news is that there is a way to make video calls on WhatsApp from the computer, but the bad news is that you need to have considerable computer skills. Here's how to do it.

How to make calls and video calls on WhatsApp

Before understanding how to make video calls on WhatsApp from the PC, it is necessary to explain how to make them from the application. The feature is present on both Android and iOS.

First you need to open the app and press on the contact with whom you want to make the call or video call. At this point the conversation will open and at the top you'll find the icon with the handset or the camera: the first is for calls, the second for video calls. Just press on one of the two icons to start the call. Once the recipient has answered, you can add up to a maximum of four people to the call or video call by pressing on the icon with the little man in the upper right corner.

On WhatsApp you can make group calls and video calls. You must enter a group and press the icon with the handset: it will open a menu in which you can choose the contacts to call. At most you can choose three more, in addition to the person you are calling (remember that the maximum limit for group video calls on WhatsApp is four).

Video WhatsApp calls on PC: how to do it

WhatsApp Desktop and WhatsApp Web do not allow you to make calls and video calls. The only tool that has a similar function is voice notes, but that in no way can replace a phone call. How to make a WhatsApp video call on PC? Using an Android emulator.

This is a program that "emulates" the Android operating system on the PC and allows you to install the main applications of the green robot operating system. There are dozens of emulators for computers, some dedicated exclusively to video games, others designed for all types of applications.

Installing an Android emulator on your computer allows you to make video calls and WhatsApp calls. There are, however, contraindications. WhatsApp can only be used on one smartphone at a time and if we decide to run it through the emulator we'll be thrown out of the app on our phone. But that's not all. Before starting the procedure you must also back up WhatsApp, so you don't lose any messages in the transition from smartphone to PC emulator.

If you need to use WhatsApp from your PC for video calls, all you have to do is launch the emulator, download the WhatsApp app, enter your phone number and follow all the normal steps to download the backup and use your profile. Once you have completed this step, you will be able to enter inside a conversation and launch the video call on WhatsApp from your PC.