How to save stories on Instagram

Instagram introduces the Archive and Highlights function: it will be possible to save the Stories published on your account and collect them within albums

Instagram Stories are one of the functions most used by users of the social network. They are photographs that are deleted after 24 hours and can no longer be recovered, unless you decide to publish them on your personal account.

Since the social network decided to launch the new feature, users have been looking for a way to save the images posted in Instagram Stories. But unless you use dubious apps made by third parties, you can't save timed photos posted on Instagram. For this reason, Instagram has decided to release two new features: the Archive for Stories and Highlights. Both of them allow you to save Instagram Stories within your profile and share them with your followers. Here's how Archive for Stories and Highlights works.

What it is and how Archive for Stories works

The feature's name is pretty self-explanatory. Archive for Stories is a private section of one's account where all the Stories posted on Instagram with one's account are collected. The feature was clamored for especially by users and companies that daily devote part of their time to Stories and at the expiration of 24 hours find themselves without an image. In this way, the Stories are saved and can then be shared on the profile. To access this section you'll have to enter the application, then access your profile and click on the clock icon at the top right. A new window will open where all the Stories posted will be present (logically, the feature is not retroactive, but only collects images posted from early December 2017 onwards, when Archive for Stories was released).

What is it and how does History Highlights work

Also History Highlights has to do with Instagram's timed images, but the functioning is slightly different. It is a public collection, present within your profile, of the most impactful Stories made by the user or company. It will be possible to collect images in time within themed photo albums, without having the fear that after 24 hours the Story will be deleted. The feature allows you to give free rein to your creativity and make your profile unique. In fact, HIghlights Stories will be present within the profile between the personal description of the account and the list of photos posted. A sort of scrolling track will appear like the one present in the image feed for the Stories of the people we follow.