How to write in cursive in Instagram Stories

An update introduced the cursive font to customize Stories on Instagram. But you can do it in other ways as well. Here's how

On Instagram, you can customize Stories with italic fonts. The feature was added with one of the latest updates and there are many users who have started using it within their Stories on Instagram. The procedure to follow to write in cursive in Instagram Stories is very simple: just follow our step-by-step guide.

Using the feature that Instagram has introduced is not the only way to insert cursive writing within the images we post in Stories. You can also do it using alternative methods that might prove more useful in some situations. For example, you can use photo editing applications: among the various tools there is also the possibility to write in cursive. Another good alternative for writing in cursive in Stories on Instagram is to use freehand writing via the brush. Here's how to do it.

How to write in cursive in Instagram Stories

The update that allows you to write in cursive within images to be published in Instagram Stories is now available worldwide. If you still haven't figured out how to do it, just follow these simple steps. First you need to launch Instagram, press on the icon with our profile at the top left so as to enter the Instagram Stories and take an image or upload a photo in the Gallery. At this point we will enter the photo editor of Instagram: by pressing on the icon "Aa" in the upper right, we can add a text to the image. At the top center is the writing "Classic" and is the type of font we will use for the text. Pressing on "Classic" will allow you to change the font: for italic writing you'll need to choose "Neon". Now all we have to do is add the writing and publish the Story on our Instagram profile.

How to write in cursive in the Stories on Instagram using third-party applications

If the type of font offered by Instagram for the Stories does not satisfy us, we can use an alternative to customize the writing to be included in the image. This alternative is the photo editing applications that usually also allow us to add colorful and particular writings. Compared to the functionality of Instagram, the number of fonts available is greater. For Android users we suggest using Snapseed, a photo editor developed by Google that offers a large number of fonts. A very similar application available on the App Store is Photo Editor by Aviary.

How to add cursive writing with "free handwriting"

Another way to customize Stories on Instagram by writing in cursive is to use free handwriting. This is a feature found directly within the Instagram Stories photo editor. You have to enter inside Instagram, press on the icon with your profile picture in the upper left corner, take a picture or add an image from your Gallery and when you access the photo editor you have to click on the pencil icon. This will let you write with your finger directly on the image using different types of colors and brushes. A way to write in cursive on Instagram Stories in a fun and fast way.