How to change the background to Instagram Stories

Do you want to know how to change the backgrounds to Instagram Stories on smartphones and iPhones? Read the article!

Social networks are increasingly used in all directions: not only for work, but also to share moments of everyday life. For this reason, stories have become fundamental, to tell the story of everyday life, but also to advertise events or a brand, or to share important content. So changing the backgrounds to Instagram stories is essential to better contextualize your posts and the message you want to pass.

When you can change the background of Instagram stories

To change the backgrounds to Instagram stories you must keep in mind that the social network in question allows the selection of a background color only in the "create" mode, which allows you to insert a text in a colored background, which will then be published as a story. There is a predefined set of colors from which to make the selection of the color you want to use. Photos and videos, on the other hand, can only be inserted with the background established by the social network algorithm at the time of insertion.

How to change background Instagram stories on Android

Changing background to Instagram stories for those who use a smartphone with Android operating system is simple: in fact, just follow a few steps. First you need to access your Instagram account, then start the creation of a new story, using the camera icon, located in the upper left corner.

At this point you must select the "Create" mode, from the menu below: you can now type the text that you intend to insert and publish. At this point it's time to change the background color, by pressing on the colored dot at the top left: by continuing to press the color will continue to change, until you find the one you want.

There are eight different themes to choose from to change the color of your Instagram background: from orange-yellow to magenta-orange, from green-turquoise to indigo-blue, from purple-pink to rainbow, from black to light gray. Once you have selected the desired nuances, simply click on the words 'Your Story', located in the bottom left corner.

Change background Instagram stories on iPhone

To change the backgrounds of the featured stories on Instagram on the iPhone the procedure is very similar to that used for the Android operating system. Also in this case you will have to access the Instagram app, and from the home page click on the symbol at the top left, with the icon of a camera, thus entering the mode of creation of stories.

At this point you set the mode "Create" and type the text you want to insert in your story: whether it be a thought, a proverb, a quote, but also a phrase that describes the day passed, or the reference to a particular event. Once you have defined the text you must select, as before, the desired color, choosing from the available modes by clicking on the colored dot that appears in the lower right corner. The colors available are the same as those of the Android operating system. At this point you just need to publish the story, and that's it.