How to transfer files from iPhone to Windows PC

Transferring files from iPhone to Windows PC is less complex than you might think: here's how to do it for free with iCloud or iTunes

File transfer from iPhone to Windows PC has never been particularly straightforward, at least not on the level of Android devices. The difficulties are a result of the "protective" environment that Apple has recreated around its iPhones, and that Apple customers only find when they buy an iPhone rather than any other smartphone.

Apple's approach has advantages and disadvantages, and certainly file transfer from iPhone to Windows PC is one of those that carries disadvantages. However, there's no need to worry: it's nothing particularly complex, just an operation that requires a few more steps than a user who's used to doing the same operation on Android. Ecco quindi una guida passo passo sulle operazioni da svolgere per trasferire file da iPhone a PC Windows utilizzando iCloud oppure iTunes, entrambe opzioni gratuite. Per il procedimento inverso si può fare riferimento a questo articolo.

Trasferire file da iPhone a Windows con iTunes

Il trasferimento file da iPhone a PC Windows tramite iCloud è il metodo più comodo, ma può essere lento in caso di file di grandi dimensioni e se non si dispone di una connessione a internet particolarmente svelta. In questo caso, è meglio rivolgersi all’app (gratuita) di iTunes per Windows, che si può scaricare da questo indirizzo qualora non fosse già installata.

Una volta installata, bisogna collegare l’iPhone al PC Windows con il cavetto originale, lo stesso che si utilizza per la ricarica. Then open the iTunes app, click on iPhone at the top left of the program's main window, and then click on File Sharing at the left so that iTunes shows a list of apps and their associated files.

Once you've selected the file(s) you want to transfer, just click Save in the bottom right corner, indicating a location where you want to save the file(s).

Transfer Files from iPhone to Windows with iCloud

First, open the Files app on the iPhone to search for the first of the files you want to transfer to your Windows PC. If you want to transfer two or more files in a folder, rather than long-pressing on the first file you want to transfer, tap on the three horizontal dots in the upper right corner of the display and then on Select, then tap on all the files you want to transfer, then on the dots in the lower right corner and finally on Copy x items.

Having done that, again via the File app, you have to go back to the main screen where, instead of selecting iPhone as before, you have to tap on iCloud Drive, choose the destination folder and finally long tap on an area with no files to bring up the Paste item, which you have to press to finish the process.

Once you've uploaded the files you want to transfer to iCloud Drive, you have to move to your Windows PC from which you connect via browser to, log in with the same credentials you use on iPhone, locate the iCloud Drive folder where you previously copied the files and finally transfer them to your computer. If you find it more convenient, you can use the (free) iCloud app for Windows.