How to turn your Mac into a Wi-Fi router

If we have a Mac and we want to share our Wi-Fi connection with other mobile devices we can do it in a few simple steps, here's how

Nowadays a Wi-Fi connection is practically essential to do most of the operations with an electronic device. For this reason, if we own a Mac, it might be important to share the computer's wireless connection so that a smartphone, iPad or iPhone can connect as well.

On Apple's home computers, it's quite simple to share the Wi-Fi connection with other mobile devices. In this way we'll basically turn our Mac into a real Wi-Fi router. The only limitation is to have a Mac that runs with version macOS 10.6 or later. In previous versions of the operating system for computers from Cupertino in fact the function for sharing Wi-Fi is not present. In practice it is the tool that allows us to use the Mac as a hotspot to use the same Internet connection to surf the Web with our iPhone or iPad. A very convenient alternative especially if we are traveling and on the phone we do not have data connection and in hotels we can connect only one device per room.

How to turn our Mac into a Wi-Fi router

To turn your Mac into a Wi-Fi router first we must click on the bitten apple icon in the upper right and select the item System Preferences. Once we click on this item will open a new tab where we will find different options, we are interested in the one identified with the voice Sharing. Once found, click on it and a second tab will open. Here we must point with the mouse to the item Internet Sharing. Once this is done, a small drop-down menu will open where we have to put the blue tick symbol on the Wi-Fi option from a list of various Internet Sharing possibilities. Then all we have to do is go back and activate (by pressing the Start button) Internet Sharing. At this point we are done, if we take our iPhone or our iPad and activate Wi-Fi we will find the hotspot access for the Internet connection of our Mac. Then once we're done on the Network we need to go the reverse route to disable our Mac's Internet Sharing.

To not spend too much time searching for the hotspot network for the next few times you can also change the name of your Mac in the same menu as Internet Sharing  to make it easier to search from your iPhone or iPad. We also recommend you to set a password for accessing the Hotspot Network, again from the same Internet Sharing menu, so that you can surf the web more safely.