How to use WhatsApp without consuming too much data

WhatsApp consumes a lot of data on your mobile connection and very often you run out of gigs before your monthly renewal. Here's how to save data

WhatsApp in addition to taking up a lot of space on your smartphone's memory, it deeply affects the thresholds of your mobile data connection. Unless you have an (almost) unlimited subscription, in most cases you'll run out of gigs before the monthly renewal. What can I do to not consume too much data with WhatsApp? You need to change some settings in the messaging application that are active by default and consume a lot of data.

In particular, you need to change the options that affect the automatic download of images and videos that you receive on the instant messaging application. Although WhatsApp uses a compression algorithm that greatly reduces the weight of multimedia content, if you download 10-15 videos a day, you'll hardly make it to the end of the month with gigs still available. The procedure to follow is very simple and it takes less than five minutes to be able to consume less data with WhatsApp. Here's how to do it.

Disable automatic download options

By default WhatsApp automatically downloads all the files you receive in conversations. Images, videos, audio and documents. This feature can certainly be very useful, but it is the main problem with regard to the consumption of gigas of our phone subscription. From the application's settings you can change some options in order to download only the content that interests us. To do this you need to launch the application, press the icon in the upper right corner with three vertical dots and then press Settings. A new tab will open and you must click on "Data usage and archive". In the next window there will be the Automatic Download section and three different settings: "When using the mobile network", "When connected via Wi-Fi", "When roaming". You have to click on "When using the mobile network" and from the pop-up menu you have to uncheck "Photo"; "Audio"; "Video" and "Documents". At the other two settings we can also leave everything as it is.

Reduce WhatasApp Call Traffic

The introduction of calls and video calls on WhatsApp has done nothing but increase the data network consumption. But again, you can change a setting to save your data subscription gigs. Launching the application, you'll have to press the icon with three vertical dots in the top left corner, then on "Data and storage usage" and finally activate the checkmark next to the "Reduced data consumption" item.