Iliad lands in fixed telephony: first offers by 2024

Iliad has announced that it will launch its first fixed telephony offers by 2024. It is also working to implement a 5G network by 2020. All the news

Iliad will also land in the fixed line market offering users all-inclusive tariffs that include Internet traffic and calls. The arrival is expected by 2024. The news comes directly from Benedetto Levi, CEO of the company, in an interview with the newspaper La Stampa.

After the good successes achieved in these first 16 months of activity in the mobile market, with over 4 million active users, Iliad wants to bring its philosophy also in fixed telephony: fixed prices and clear forever. No sudden increases or remodulations to improve the quality of service. Meanwhile, the fourth Italian operator is also improving the infrastructure of the mobile network: the goal is to become independent as soon as possible and launch the first offers for 5G. Iliad, in fact, participated in the auction for frequencies and obtained three lots that will allow it to launch its own network: the goal is to have a dedicated offer by 2020-2021.

Iliad launches the challenge: 5G network and fixed telephony

After the first phase of growth, Iliad launches phase two of its expansion program. As confirmed by the company's CEO himself, the next investments concern the implementation of a proprietary network and the landing in fixed telephony.

In this 2019 Iliad has invested time and money in the installation of proprietary antennas for the creation of an independent network. By the end of the year, 3500 sites are expected to be switched on, rising to 12000 by 2024. With a proprietary network, Iliad will be able to guarantee better signal quality and faster download and upload speeds.

On the 5G front, Iliad is busy working on the network architecture. The company has invested 1.2 billion to buy three lots in the auction for 5G frequencies wanted by the Ministry of Economic Development. According to Benedetto Levi, 2020 will be the decisive year to understand the potential of the new superfast network and probably Iliad will also launch its first offers.

Fixed network chapter. Iliad will present its first offer by 2024. For the moment, it is not known whether in partnership with some other phone operator or with its own network. The goal is to bring a breath of fresh air to the entire sector, as done in mobile telephony. Also in this case the phone operator will focus on the philosophy that made him famous: clear and fixed prices, without any sudden increase.

Iliad, the future is in the contents

It's not a novelty for Iliad to become a fixed line operator. It has already been operating in France for many years and offers its customers offers that include subscriptions to premium content (TV series and films) thanks to agreements and partnerships with French companies. In an Italian market where more and more telephone operators are creating OTT platforms dedicated to TV series, sports and movies, Iliad could also follow the same example.