Iliad, low-cost offers for fixed telephony getting closer

Iliad is getting closer to its debut in the fixed telephony market. The company wants to launch the first offers by 2021

In recent months there has been an acceleration by Iliad on the fixed telephony front. It is now no secret that the phone operator has decided to launch offers for home Internet as well. In the initial plans of the company, the debut was set for 2024, but the latest events have convinced Iliad to accelerate: the presentation of the first offers could take place as early as 2021.

The confirmation comes from Benedetto Levi, CEO of Iliad in ITalia, who spoke in recent days at the webinar "Telco for Italy", where he talked about the experience of Iliad in the period Covid-19 and explaining what will be the next steps of the company. The year 2020 will be completely dedicated to the mobile world, with the aim of improving and enlarging the proprietary network, work that has been going on for more than a year now. For 2021, however, Iliad has decided to change gear and also arrive on the fixed telephony market, following the example of Sky, which a few days ago launched its first three offers for fiber.

Iliad, agreement with Open Fiber?

Benedetto Levi did not want to unbalance too much on the partner that will flank Iliad in the world of fixed telephony. The only thing certain is that the operator will not build its own network, but will rely on an existing one. All clues lead to Open Fiber, the company owned by Enel and Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, which is building a super-fast fiber network and aims to wire most of the Italian municipalities in the coming years. Open Fiber is the same network on which Sky relies for its Sky Wi-Fi offer.

Iliad, how will be the offers for home telephony

Convergence will be the watchword that Iliad will follow in launching its first offers for home telephony. A model (winning) to follow already exists: the one followed by the operator for the debut in mobile telephony. Low prices, fixed and without hidden costs. Iliad knows it very well: this recipe has worked and allowed the operator to reach 5 million subscribers in two years.

Iliad is studying the market and could present all-inclusive offers that include both mobile and fixed network subscription. But that's not all. Iliad in France is already a home line operator and in addition to the phone subscription it also offers premium content (movies and TV series). The offer could also be reproposed for the Italian market.