IPhone 8: ten prototypes under test, but only one will see the market

Apple does not want to get anything wrong for its new smartphone, among the most interesting models the 5.1 or 5.2 inch with OLED screen

Not one but ten different models of iPhone 8. According to the latest rumors coming from the Wall Street Journal Apple for its new smartphone is testing about ten different models, and among these the most interesting include a curved screen made with OLED technology.

Apple and OLED technology.

A curved OLED screen would allow the new iPhone 8 a much higher quality and in addition to this would ensure a very low battery consumption. Aesthetic beauty and functionality. Everything seems to lead in favor of the use of the new OLED screens for iPhone 8. There is one however. The company is expected to buy millions of screens with this technology by next year. E questo sta innescando una gara, al rialzo, tra le aziende che li producono. Le principali sono Samsung, LG, Foxconn (di proprietà di Sharp) e Japan Display. Bloomberg ha fatto sapere che la maggior parte degli schermi sarà fornita da Samsung a Apple.

Apple spinge per i grossi investimenti

iphone-tasto-home-1.jpgFonte foto: BeHance

Rendering dell’iPhone 8 senza tasto Home. Cliccando sulla foto potrai visualizzare tutte le novità iPhone 8 rivelate sinora

La quantità di schermi OLED garantita da Samsung però sembra non bastare all’azienda di Cupertino. Non a caso i rapporti con LG si sono intensificati nell’ultimo periodo. E Apple ha chiesto anche a Sharp un maggiore numero di schermi per completare i suoi test in vista dell’uscita di iPhone 8 nell’autunno del 2017. Ovviamente queste richieste andranno pagate a caro prezzo. Per Apple si tratta di un investimento significativo. Also because sales in the last period have not reached the initial objectives of Cupertino and for the new iPhone you do not want to make mistakes. Only an important investment will be able to bring back great interest for the new device.

Ten prototypes, only one winner

Of the ten prototypes now in testing phase only some will see the market. As mentioned above there will likely be three models for the new iPhone 8. A 4.7-inch and a 5.5-inch one using LCD screens and then a 5.1- or 5.2-inch one with an OLED screen. In most of the smartphones now being tested, the material used for the coating is glass. They almost all have wireless battery charging. And the design seems much more agile than the last models with the corners of the smartphone less pronounced and softer. Despite this between now and the market release for iPhone 8 the upheavals will still be many. Apple does not want to make a mistake and will still modify its 10 prototypes. It is not excluded that even the OLED model will be shelved. After all, even in 2016 a few months before the launch of iPhone 7, the company had cut a model, despite having already passed several tests.