IPhone 9 like the iPhone 8: features and launch date

Apple is preparing to launch its low-cost smartphone in 2020: it will be called iPhone 9 or iPhone SE and will have a great value for money. Find out the details!

Apple is planning to launch new top-of-the-line iPhone models in 2020. At the same time, the brand wants to finally conquer the mid-range and emerging markets, where Android devices currently dominate. In this context comes the idea of proposing a low-cost phone: the iPhone 9.

This device will be the alternative to the main Android models, and is designed especially for the Indian market where Apple is struggling to penetrate. The iPhone 9 is therefore meant to reach the mid-range, and is the direct descendant of the iPhone SE, launched in 2016. Many experts have noted that the device would have features in common with the iPhone 8. With this operation, the American brand should be able to ship 200 million devices worldwide and secure a large group of customers in emerging markets.

Features of the iPhone 9: is it the same as the iPhone 8?

Apple is working on the launch of a new phone designed for those who are more price-conscious. This device should take the place of the iPhone 8 with which it keeps some features in common, in front of more performance. Until a few months ago, there were several uncertainties about the name: iPhone SE 2 or iPhone 9? The website Macotakara would have confirmed the second, in an article published in early December 2019.

Ascertained that the name of the phone will be iPhone 9 now we think about its placement on the market: the American brand has already been aiming for a few years at emerging markets, especially India, where Android phones dominate the scene. In fact, these products have a lower price than Apple's, which is why the Cupertino company will apply to its iPhone 9 a really competitive cost.

How will the iPhone 9

According to Bloomberg, Apple will start producing iPhone 9 from February, and the device will be launched on the market in March. In the article published by the platform also refers to the assembly of the 4.7-inch display that will be entrusted to three industries: Hon Hai Precision Industry, Pegatron Corp and Wistron Corp. This fact is important: in fact the display of the iPhone 8 has the same size. On the other hand, in recent months, several renders have been released that clearly show that the two devices have a very similar design.

Continuing to read Bloomerg's report we discover that the new device will be powered by the A13 Bionic chip, also present in the iPhone 11 series. This is a faster processor, which allows the iPhone 9 to have better performance than the iPhone 8 in which the A11 Bionic chip was installed.

Unfortunately, there are no certainties about most of the technical details, first of all the photo compartment, although Apple in recent years is increasingly focusing on this element. Even the cheapest model of the iPhone 11 has a dual camera, so on the iPhone 9 could appear a 12 MP rear camera with dual lens just like in the iPhone 8 Plus.

Also on the display there are conflicting rumors, certainly will not have an advanced technology such as AMOLED edge-to-edge, but it is more likely to mount a Full Active Display LCD, a good compromise for those who want quality at affordable prices. Let's talk now about another detail that has been discussed in recent hours: the price of the iPhone 9.

How much does the iPhone 9 cost?

This is definitely the most delicate point and therefore circulating very conflicting news. Let's start with some facts: the iPhone 11 was launched on the market starting at $699, which became €799 in Italy. According to a recent report by Consumer Intelligence Research Partner (CRIP), this series accounted for 69% of all iPhone sales made in the United States between October and December 2019: a real success for Apple!

The cheapest model of the iPhone 11 even occupied 39% of total U.S. sales. Launching another model, even cheaper, thus allow Apple, not only to maintain these numbers in the U.S., but to increase sales in 2020 by winning over the most demanding on price.

Others rely on the launch price of the iPhone SE in 2016: this device was launched in 2016 at 509€ for the 16GB version and 609€ for the 64GB version. For this reason, the iPhone 9 could be priced between 500€ and 600€.