How to reclaim space from iPhone memory automatically

16GB of memory on your iPhone may not be enough, especially if you listen to a lot of music. Here are two simple tricks to optimize space

We've downloaded yet another app from the App Store and the iPhone is begging for mercy. If our smartphone only has 16GB of space available, it's really very difficult to manage it in the best possible way. A few videos downloaded from WhatsApp, a dozen applications, a dozen music albums downloaded from iTunes and the storage memory is complete.

Despite the optimization between hardware and software components that allow the iPhone to work properly even with a lower amount of RAM than the top of the range Android, if we go to occupy all the storage space the smartphone will lose fluidity and power. It is necessary to always have a "cushion" of survival in order to exploit the full potential of the iPhone. If we notice that the space is running out, we should not despair: thanks to some simple tricks you can recover the space from the iPhone in a few minutes.

Optimize the memory occupied by music

One of the main problems in the management of storage space on the iPhone is music. Even if we don't realize it, just download a dozen albums of our favorite artists from iTunes and magically the iPhone memory fills up. To prevent possible slowdown of the iPhone, Apple has developed a feature that allows you to optimize the space. To activate it you have to go into Settings, click on Music and then Optimize space. This will open a new window that will allow us to set an insurmountable limit beyond which the songs will no longer be downloaded. If, for example, we set 4GB and our iPhone has already occupied 6GB with music, the smartphone will automatically delete the songs that we have never listened to or that we rarely hear. The songs will always be available for download on iTunes.

Buy an external memory

If you don't have a lot of music in your smartphone memory and the number of applications is already reduced to the bone, the only solution is to buy an external memory to connect to the iPhone via the Lightning port. There are several on the market and they differ in the space available: 16GB, 32GB or 64GB. We can transfer to the external memory all the videos we have downloaded from WhatsApp and instant messaging applications and we will recover in a few minutes a lot of space from the iPhone memory.