James Bond documentary arrives on Apple Tv

Only a few more days and the new documentary starring current James Bond Daniel Craig will be available on Apple Tv

Almost simultaneously with the release of the new James Bond movie, No Time to Die, comes an interesting news on Apple Tv. The streaming platform has made available for free the documentary that recounts the experience as a secret agent, personal and professional, of the current 007 Daniel Craig.

In a few days we will have the return of the catchphrase "My name is Bond, James Bond": the presentation, official and perfect, of the British spy among the most beloved by generations since the sixties. Many were the actors who have had this role so important in the history of cinema. The first Bond was the unforgettable Scottish actor Sean Connery, then Roger Moore who has to his credit more films shot as 007, Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan. All with positive sides, luxurious and elegant cars and each with a bond girl. At the end of the month the new chapter of the saga comes out: No Time to Die is expected on September 30. Arrives almost at the same time, dedicated to lovers of the genre, the documentary Being James Bond starring Daniel Craig, the face of James Bond for 15 years.

Being James Bond: the documentary

The documentary Being James Bond will be available on Apple Tv from Tuesday, September 7 for an entire month, exclusive and free to download until October 8. Starring Daniel Craig, who has been playing the British spy since 2006, when his first film Casino Royale was released, and will continue to do so until No Time to Die on September 30, his latest effort.

Metro Goldwyn Mayer produced this documentary exploring Craig's last 15 years as a British secret agent. The actor comes clean and reveals a few tidbits: he shares personal memories and emotions. During the forty-five minutes of the documentary we see previously unseen images from the film Casino Royale up to No Time to Die, the twenty-fifth installment of the series, as well as exclusive interview clips of the actor.

Being James Bond: the words of Daniel Craig

Daniel in the documentary Being James Bond also talks about his private life and does so in a conversation with executive producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli. The English actor tells how he felt lucky to work on five films dedicated to James Bond and how he felt a deep gratitude to work with exceptional people every day for the production of No Time to Die. A real privilege that few have in their lives.

Both Broccoli and Wilson will miss this actor, but above all special man who took James Bond to an extraordinary level from an emotional and human point of view. For Daniel, this is the final chapter of his personal saga, and as Wilson stated, it's hard to think of a new film without him and that this is his final one: it will be a real miss.

This and more is told in the intense documentary Being James Bond, directed by Baillie Walsh.