Kingston Generation Terabyte, the world’s most capacious USB memory

Unveiled during CS 2017, the Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate Generation Terabyte allows users to save 70 movies in 4K resolution

New year, new capacity. During the Consumer Electronic Show being held in Las Vegas, Kingston (the largest independent manufacturer of memories for electronic devices) presented the DataTraveler Ultimate Generation Terabyte, an evolution of the 1 terabyte USB flash drive presented in 2013.

The goal of the new model, explained the top management of the California-based company during the presentation at CES 2017, is to provide advanced users with a practical and easily transportable solution to be able to have all their data at their fingertips. And, reading the Kingston Generation Terabyte technical specifications, it seems that the engineers and designers have hit the mark: lightweight and compact, this USB pen provides users with up to 2 terabytes of storage space. In short, a real pocket hard drive that will make the happiness of maniacs of storage.

Kingston Genartion Terabyte, technical characteristics, price and release date

The new USB flash drive Kingston will be produced in two versions, which differ only for the space available to save files: 1 terabyte and 2 terabytes. The dimensions, although higher than those of normal USB drives, will still be quite small: 72 millimeters long, 25 millimeters wide and just over 20 millimeters thick. The innovative aluminum body, however, allows you to protect the latest generation flash memory from falls and shocks of any kind. Connectivity is provided by the USB 3.1 port, capable of excellent performance in both reading and writing data.

The Kingston Generation Terabyte with 2 TB capacity release date is scheduled for February 2017, while the price has not yet been announced.